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Happiness, my non negotiables list!

We all have the things we have to do to keep us on the right side of happy, Katie from pouting in heels  introduced the idea of a non negotioables list and I was tagged by Aimee from Mum Amie to create my own! Number 1 on my list is my 15 minutes a day… Continue reading Happiness, my non negotiables list!

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Eating your feelings

Hey guys, this has been such a stressful month.  Between the husbands operation, the 6 year olds new found fondness of screaming until she turns purple if she doesn’t get her own way and the problems our 12 year old’s been having it’s been pretty hard to stay focussed and on plan. I’m such an… Continue reading Eating your feelings

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Being a SAHM and knowing yourself?

So I’ve been a stay at home mum for 12 years. In that time we’ve moved house 6 times, had 4 more children, got married, had several bouts of pre and post natal depression (as well as several bouts of plain old bog standard depression), laughed, cried, screamed, ranted, raved and loved. My husband has… Continue reading Being a SAHM and knowing yourself?

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When it’s just been one of those days…

Today has just been one of those days so far and it’s only 9.30, got up to the usual  dramas surrounding getting ready for school.  You know the ones, I can’t find my tights, where’s my water bottle and my personal favourite he looked at my breakfast, I can’t eat it now. Ok I can… Continue reading When it’s just been one of those days…