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Welcome, lets do this!

Hi, I’m Emma a busy 31 year old living just outside Edinburgh with my husband, 5 kids and the dog.  As you can imagine we’re a pretty busy family and we enjoy lots of different activities so I’ve started this blog as a way to chat, rant, rave and everything in between about the highs and lows of our busy family life.  Our children are aged 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 and we have a mix of boys and girls so we face a lot of different challenges and have to meet a lot of different needs on a daily basis. It’s a challenge and a big learning curve but we love our life and are enjoying the journey mistakes and all.

I’m not just a mum though, now my kids are that bit older I have a bit more time to focus on myself!   I’m a skincare junkie and can’t resist a bit of new make up or trying out a new subscription box.  I also love crafting and baking and I’m part way through a fairly hefty weight loss journey so you can expect to see all sorts from me as we pootle along just living our lives!

See you next time,  Em xXx

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