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My weight loss journey so far…

So I’m over weight theres no hiding that.  I decided back in august last year that I wanted to lose weight, not for looks, not for anyone else but for my health.

So I started to watch what I was eating (exercise would come later once I got into the swing of things!), nothing drastic just gradually cutting out the ‘bad’ stuff and getting closer and closer to clean eating and by december I’d lost about 2st 7lbs.  As an emotional binger it’s been a long hard journey, I thought I was winning the war against my disordered brain but alas around christmas i relaxed a bit and while i didnt gain any weight I didn’t lose for a month either.

After the new year I got back on it and managed to lose a further 7lbs but by the time february and my birthday came round I completely fell off the wagon again and those 7lbs swiftly went back on. As of now Im trying to take back control, I will take back control but it’s not easy to admit when you’re struggling and hiding it just makes the problems worse as you end up eating in secret and the shame you feel makes you go back to the beginning and the big plate of pizza or massive bar of chocolate and repeat that circle all over again.  So here it is, I’m being honest with myself and everyone else.  I’m struggling but thats ok, I’m human and I’m allowed ups and downs.

I’m planning on doing monthly weight loss (hopefully) updates, including my favourite things of the month to eat and any exercise or products I’ve been loving to help me along the way.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

See you next time, Em xXx

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