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School projects!

Our 6 year old has been working on a school  project with daddy, she was to make a dinosaur world out of a cardboard box. Luckily she’s as big an arts and crafts fan as I am and has loved every minute of it.

They used some plaster of paris bandages, paints, paper, an assortment of different sands and fuzzy stuff (so technical here) and a lot of imagination to create a very cool setting for the dinosaurs that were pinched from her big brothers bedroom!

This girl loves crafting and getting her hands dirty so she got stuck in and loved creating the volcano, rocks, tree’s and even a river, she decided that the dinosaurs needed some sand to play in so there’s even some little beach areas.  She let her imagination run wild and I think the end result is pretty darn good!

Here are some progress pictures following her from start to finish, panting the sky and grass, adding colour to her rocks and volcano then adding moss, sand, twigs and tissue paper for deatil and texture.


This is the finished project and I think she’s done an amazing job!


She had so much fun with her daddy using lots of different supplies with different textures to create her dinosaur world and was so excited to take it to school this morning!

See you next time, Em xXx



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