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Glossybox subscription

Hi guy’s I have some views about my glossybox this month that I wanted to share but the husband isn’t interested in the slightest so I thought I’d do the next best thing and ramble about it all in a blog post.

Firstly I love subscription boxes, it’s like your birthday every month getting these cute little packages delivered full of lovely things that you’d probably not think to buy yourself.  Glossybox has been no exception but recently I’ve found myself getting a bit fed up as they brand themselves as luxury and I’m getting bottom end brands such as MUA and essence and while I love their products they’re certainly not luxury!


The first product this month was the wilkinson sword hydrosilk razor, great product that I’ll definitely use but it’s a razor. A regular bog standard pretty boring part of my routine. This retails for £9.99.


Next up is a cute little pair of tweezers from the vintage cosmetic company.  Again a nice product that will be used but again already a part of my daily routine and tweezers are tweezers in my opinion, it’s not like a serum that actually has an impact on your appearance, they remove hair end of. These retail for £8.00.


Then we have the 24HR waterproof eyeliner in dark brown by NICKA K.  This seem’s like a nice product, the colours great and it doesn’t run if it gets wet however if you rub it while its wet (even very gently) the colour rubs off.  The eyeliner comes with a smudger and sharpener but the smudger just rubs the product away so I would reccomend just leaving that alone! Overall an ok product. This retails for £3.99.

Next we got a power pout glaze low voltage gloss from MUA.  I got the shade spellbound.  I’m not a fan of lip gloss in general but I did try this product.  I was excited when I saw the colour as I love a vibrant red however when I applied this it sheered out to a barely there hint of pink.  It did look pretty and it wasn’t overly sticky but it’s not a product I’ll use, my 8 year old stole it before I manged to get take a picture but you can find it here This retails for £3.50.

Lastly we got the NAOBAY protective hair mask volume conditioner.  We’ve recieved a few NAOBAY products and I’ve enjoyed them all, this ones no exception.  It smell’s gorgeous just like freshly squeezed limes which is one of my absolute favourite scents. This left my hair feeling absolutely amazing, I don’t use conditioners regularly as I find they weigh my hair down but I think I’ll definitely be adding this into my routine every couple of weeks. This retails for £10.64.


Overall I did enjoy this box and I will use all the products except the lip gloss which as you read my daughters adopted anyway so even that will be used BUT I subscribed to this box so I could try luxury products and I just don’t feel that glossybox are delivering that lately.  With that in mind I’ve cancelled this subscription and subscribed to something new which I’m seriously excited about so watch out for that in march!

See you next time, Em xXx

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