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When it’s just been one of those days…

Today has just been one of those days so far and it’s only 9.30, got up to the usual  dramas surrounding getting ready for school.  You know the ones, I can’t find my tights, where’s my water bottle and my personal favourite he looked at my breakfast, I can’t eat it now.

Ok I can cope with that, no big deal the kids were still all on time for school and I could go home for a coffee we’re totally winning at life. Until I got in the car and remembered something the kids had said about there being no water upstairs.  You’d think I’d be worried about the big things like the washing pile I needed to get through and the dishes we’ve accumulated so far today but no I was worried about the coffee situation.  How can I get through my day without coffee!!

We got home I went to fill the kettle and theres only a dribble coming out the tap,  cue panic grabbing and filling of the kettle which I still managed to fill before the water went off completely but now I’m too nervous to use it in case the waters dodgy!  I’m actually concerned about how much I panic at the thought of going without, that’s not right surely!  I think a trip to the shop for some bottled water may be in order so I can keep my sanity!

The 4 year old decided she wanted to spend the day working with her daddy today and as the lucky man was working at home they both lay in bed him working on his laptop and her watching cartoons and playing games on his ipad! This afternoon all of the kids wangled an invitation to their gran’s house for tea so now that the waters back on I’m going to put my feet up and relax with a long awaited coffee!

What get’s you through the day?

See you next time, Em xXx

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