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Friday phone dump!

Hey I found this tag at and thought it was such a fab idea I just had to join in! The idea is to post your photo’s that you wouldn’t usually use in blogs but would still love to share so here’s mine!

My very exciting life in pictures right there! Me wondering how on earth I can cover those eye bags, my eldest and my youngest playing together (the eldest under much duress from the youngest!), the 6 year old working on her school project, my 6, 8 and 10 year olds going to school, the 4 year old practising her a’s and colouring in, a particularly fun walk with the 4 year old, what my hands have been doing this week (writing blog posts and drinking coffee) and my general view when I have 5 minutes on the sofa!

See you next time, Em xXx

Messy Stains and Growing Pains

4 thoughts on “Friday phone dump!

  1. You’re family looks really arty! It must be nice to have a busy house – always something going on. I’m sure it’s hard work keeping up with them though. Go mama 🙂 #fridayphonedump


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