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Eating your feelings

Hey guys, this has been such a stressful month.  Between the husbands operation, the 6 year olds new found fondness of screaming until she turns purple if she doesn’t get her own way and the problems our 12 year old’s been having it’s been pretty hard to stay focussed and on plan.

I’m such an emotional eater and have definitely succumbed to it recently.  Theres been an abundance of take aways, chocolate and crisps and copious amounts of wine.  While I haven’t gained any more weight I feel awful, I’m constantly tired and stressed and feeling really low and I’m determined to turn things around.  Right now I’m writing an action plan and planning meals for the week as well as scheduling my exercise as I’ve been too low to give myself the kick up the bum to do it!

I think the feeling low is largely in part to the bad diet and lack of exercise, yes the stress and worry we’ve had of late hasn’t helped but I find I have a much more positive outlook on life when I feel good on the inside!  I actually don’t understand why I stop exercising in the first place as I do enjoy it once I get started and it makes me feel amazing, stress just makes my get up and go vanish and it’s a downward spiral from there I guess!

Anyway here’s to getting back on it! See you next time,

Em xXx

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