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Weekend catch up!

This weekend was quite a fun one, on saturday we had a last minute impromptu visit to family near newcastle and a trip to the arcades which the kids loved as well as lunch at TGI Fridays which always goes down well with my lot. I was also treated to a last minute haircut which was quite the change as I had about 10 inches taken off, I have to admit I woke up and panicked the next morning as I’d forgotten about it overnight, I had a wild panic that the 6 year old had taken revenge for being told what to do all the time and taken a pair of kitchen scissors to my head while I slept!

On sunday we had a fairly quiet day with some food shopping, the husband worked while the kids played and I got on with some bits around the house,  my arm workout consister of cleaning the patio doors inside and out and the living room windows as well as the many many panes in our double dining room doors. Such a glam life! Then we took pip for a walk which is always good fun and got home just in time for tea, bath (just as well as the kids were filthy from our rather muddy walk) and bed for school!

I’d love to hear what you guy’s got up to over the weekend in the comments 🙂

See you next time,

Em xXx

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