Melty box subscription!

I was so excited this morning when my new guilty pleasure showed up before 9am! Im a candle and wax melt addict but I’m very sensitive to smells so I’m always scared to buy any full size scents before smelling them, I’ve been tempted to try imperial candles for a while as I’m just intrigued by the whole hidden jewellery concept but because of my sensitivity to smells I’ve not bothered as theres no trying before you buy with an online company.  Anyway a week or so ago a friend on facebook posted a link to their wax melt subscription box which I didn’t even know existed and I just had to try it!

20160229_090517 (2)


First off I just have to mention the cute packaging and the amazing lollipop I got for it being my first month.  It’s the little things that keep you coming back isn’t it?  I also can’t be the only one to think that the wee guy on that sticker is ridiculously appealing!



Each month for £20 (including p&p) you get 9 different scents, 8 scents are labelled and then you get a mystery scent for the mystery scent contest on facebook where you like the page, guess the scent and give it a creative name, tag a friend and if you win you and your friend get next months meltybox for free! As well as all that one of your melts has your mystery jewel in it, the melt with your jewel in it is labelled on the ‘What’s in my MeltyBox?’ card that comes in each box. There’s also a code for 10% off any imperial candle which I’ll definitely be using when I can decide on my favourite from this months box!

The scents I recieved were:

Rhubarb and custard, love spell, fuji apple and white peach20160229_091408

Carnival day, papaya slices, coffee hazelnut20160229_091340

Sweet pea, pine forest and then of course the mystery scent20160229_091317

Much to my surprise at first smell I liked them all!  My jewel (I chose a necklace) was ‘hidden’ in carnival day. To be honest being quite fussy I’m not that bothered about the jewellery aspect but it does add a fun touch!

The melts have a very good throw, the scent has filled my entire first floor and at least carnival day has been husband approved. It smell’s like walking into a sweetshop when you’re 6, like pear drops and just deliciousness (is that a word?), thinking about it it’s quite reminiscent of snow fairy by lush so my girls are going to love this one too! This is not the kind of scent I would ever have thought to try as it has the tagline ‘hello, childhood’ but I love it!

The necklace was really well protected, it was wrapped in foil then double bagged in zip lock baggies.  It’s a surprisingly pretty sterling silver necklace with an amethyst stone which is rather fitting as that’s my birth stone.  IT has an RRP of £25.00. Not bad for a box I paid £20.00 for!

All in all I really like this box, I was only going to get it as a one off but it’s piqued my interest enough to get another couple, the say that you’re guaranteed to get different scents every month for 6 months so that’s a whopping 54 scents to try and after this box I’m really excited to try more!

See you next time,

Em xXx


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