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Weekend round up!

This weekend was the first in a good few where I actually managed to drag myself out of bed and have a nice time with the family.

Saturday mornings are always a rush as our 2 eldest girls have gymnastics, this weekend while they were there we dashed off to sainsburys to grab a few things we needed for the kids to make their snacks for our movie night (which turned into a movie afternoon as they were just too excited to wait to eat them!).

The girls made minions bark

and frozen popcorn balls.

The boy’s contribution were corn dogs!

The kid’s had a fantastic afternoon making their treats and these are the finished products with some home made chip cones and mocktails!

While the kids watched their movie it was time for me to relax with my new book and a good cuppa then we had an afternoon campfire and some fun in the garden!

On Sunday we had a cleaning morning then brunch at their grans followed by a lovely walk at blairadam in fife.

By the time we got back from our walk it was time for tea, bath and the bed time routine and the bath was definitely needed as our lot were absolutely filthy from playing in the woods!

I know this is a very picture heavy and not very chatty post but to be honest the pictures are what are keeping me smiling at the minute, I’ve not had the most positive day but writing this post and going through the pictures again has really put a smile on my face!

See you next time, Em xXx



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