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Cohorted review!

Hey guy’s I got this box a while ago now and have been itching to do a review but  there was a product missing that I had to wait for then things got really hectic at home and I didn’t get the chance to take pictures etc until yesterday! These pictures aren’t the best quality but hey we’re in scotland and the light levels leave a lot to be desired (as do my photography skills!).

Anyway let’s get into it! I’m sat here drinking a cup of hot cross bun tea (to be reviewed soon!) in my pyjamas what better time to sit down and write this?

I’m going to start off by saying I loved this box, even the product I thought I wouldn’t enjoy after actually using it I flipping love it!  The packaging is gorgeous and the customer service was fantastic when I realised there was a product missing, they sent out the missing product the same day and I received it a couple of days later.  I also love the wee magazine that actually has a good amount of info about each product and I definitely felt that I got my monies worth!


I’ll start with the product I was most excited about and what made me subscribe when I did, theBALM’s nude tude eyeshadow palette!  I’d been thinking about buying this for a while so when I saw it was included in this months box I decided to just go for it as I was basically buying the palette and getting a few freebies,  I couldn’t lose really could I?  I wore these shadows yesterday and was really impressed by both the pigmentation and how well they blended without needing to work at it

So my swatches leave a little to be desired but in the first 6 swatch picture we have from left to right sultry, selfish, stand offish, stubborn, snobby and sassy.  The second again from left to right we have sleek, serious, silly, sexy, seductive and sophisticated.  I love these shadows but I will say that I did have to pull out another palette for a base/blending colour as there isn’t a light enough matte shade in this palette but that’s no biggie really! This retails for £35.00.

Along with this was a teeny tiny tube of theBALM’s put a lid on it eye primer, I like the texture but I can’t honestly say if this made my shadow last longer as I didn’t have it on long enough to judge but it definitely made the shadow application a nice experience.  The tube we got was 11.8ml and retails for £5.00.


Next we have the bare minerals heavenly face brush which I absolutely love!  I have issues with blush and have always had to really work at blending to not look like a 5 year old playing in her mum’s make up but with this brush my blush went on flawlessly!  I also used it for my finishing powder and again it went on brilliantly, this will be a daily staple in my routine from now on! This brush retails for £25.00.

Then we have the PIXI double ended eye crayon in the shade supernatural.  I don’t use a lot of eye pencils as quite often I find them really draggy and a little painful to use but I didn’t hate this one and definitely plan on playing with it some more.  I used it along with the eyeshadow palette to smoke out my undereye a little and it went on really nicely! This retails for £14.50.



Lastly we have the product I thought I’d hate. A nails inc polish in the shade cadogan square.  Not the poduct itself as I own a ridiculous amount of these polishes but the colour.  I actually cringed when I saw it but fast forward to actually putting it on and I absolutely love it! The colour reminds me of a latte and where I thought it would look awful with my skin tone it actually look’s really nice and the application was really smooth, here we have the polish, and it applied with 1 and 2 coats.  This retails for £9.00.


I think from reading this that you can tell I’m seriously impressed with this box! The overall value is £88.50 all for £35.00.  Flipping amazing and I can’t wait for next months offering!

See you next time, Em xXx


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