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New skincare routine (non negotiable!)

Hey guy’s I’ve been wanting to write this for a while but my motivation is coming and going and I’ve just not had the drive to until now!  I have quite problematic skin which is always a weird combination of oily and dry (i literally had dry flaky bits in my oily bits, always was an oddball!) and in february I noticed it was getting so much worse so I decided I needed to change up my routine.  My husband treated me to a gift voucher for Time to spa which is my favourite site for skincare.  I’ve been using elemis products for a few years after I discovered them during a facial at Simpsons spa at Branson Hall Hotel in Lincoln where I had all sorts of gorgeous treatments. They’re not cheap but they’re one of the few ranges that I’ve not had strange reactions from!

I’ve been using the new products for about 4 weeks now and I’ve noticed such an amazing difference in my skin, I’ve gone for a balancing cleanser, toner and moisturiser which I use in the morning and I use the same cleanser and toner at night but use either an oxygenating night cream or a resurfacing night cream (I’ve also stopped using physical exfoliaters on my face and now use chemical ones as I felt physical exfoliaters were making my skin so much worse). If I’ve had a make up day then I also use micellar water to remove my make up before I do my normal routine.

So I’m currently using the balancing lime blossom cleanser and the balancing lavender toner (which they have in a rather good supersize deal) along side the hydra balance day cream.  At night it’s the same cleanser and toner but I use the pro collagen oxygenating night cream or the teoxane perfect skin refiner. Lately I’ve been using the original garnier micellar water to remove my make up and it removes everything really well including hard core waterproof mascara so I’m just going to stick with the original and not bother with the waterproof removing one!

For my eye’s I use the elemis pro collagen advanced eye treatment and I’ve been using it for years, I haven’t felt any need to change this part of my routine.


If I’m having any extra skin problems or just feel that I need a boost I add in the elemis cellular recovery skin bliss capsules before I moisturise, pink in the morning and green at night.  These are amazing and I feel like they really deeply penetrate and help restore my skin in way’s a normal moisturiser doesn’t.

I included my skincare routine in my recent non negotiables list as it’s such an important thing for me so I thought I’d share it with you guys.  I always love reading about these things as I’m a total skincare junkie and love discovering new things so I guess there must be more people like me out there!

See you next time, Em xXx


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