Little darlings…

Those of you with children may have already noted the sarcasm in the title of this post.  Today has been one of those days where I’ve been cringing, crying or absolutely furious!
We’ve been having a bit of a deep clean and move around and came across a few little gems like these in the kids rooms, shoved behind bookcases or drawers.  Cue almost vomiting more times than I’d care to admit. Thanks you little darlings…


The littlest darlings decided to give themselves a makeover using mummy’s things.  Not the cheap things you understand.  The higher end bits.  They don’t like to put just anything on their faces don’t you know.


My husband had put away my brand new eyeshadow palette and my mascara before I got upstairs so I didn’t completely blow my top but still I could kill them!  That yellow pot of amazingness is the only thing that stops me from looking like I have 2 black eyes every bloody day and they’ve almost hit pan.  Not to mention the brand new for mothers day pop of passion lip oil balm that’s been smooshed into it’s lid (that’s 2 out of 3 now as the first was wrecked approximately 37 seconds after I opened it).  Thanks you darling children!

We left the kids at their gran and grandads house this afternoon while we took pip to the vet.   After we left we got a call saying one of our little darlings had written all over their conservatory sofa.  What on earth compels them to do these things!?!

I should habe know today was going to be one of those days when this morning I was sat having a coffee and turned round to see the kids sat on the dining table eating cereal from the box. Feral I tell you!

I love these little darlings so much and I repeat that to myself about a hundred times a day to squash the urge to lob them out the window after episodes like these!  I’d love for you to comment with the lovely things your little darlings do!

See you next time,  Em xXx

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