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Tea problem?

Hi guys!  I’m one of those people that has a love for both good coffee and amazing tea, I know I know it’s just not heard of but I always have been a bit strange!  Anyway, just before christmas I discovered the most amazing tea company ever Bluebird Tea Co!  They’re based in Brighton and  I found them while browsing on not on the high street for some christmas gifts and ended up buying some gifts for family which I then had to re purchase as I couldn’t resist trying them for myself! Since then I’ve built up quite a collection and this morning I received my latest delivery and just couldn’t wait to share!  This company has the best customer service I’ve ever come across.  They always include a couple of free samples as standard, but they went above and beyond when in my last order I’d popped a wee note on about how gutted I was that I’d managed to miss out on ordering a new packet of the christmas tea before they’d all sold out and when I got my delivery I couldn’t stop grinning as they’d popped in a free packet of the christmas cake tea, one happy Emma was created,  anyway that was my last order so let’s get on to the one I’m actually talking about!

I regularly check what’s going on via their facebook page and their website and when I read about their new spring collection I just couldn’t resist trying them out!  I ended up ordering 4 different tea’s along with a couple of packets to gift and another infuser as 1 just isn’t enough!  I also had a code which I found on their facebook page (it run’s til the end of the month so go check it out!) for a free mug and tea silks so I popped that on too.  I decided to just go for the free delivery this time which I instantly regretted as I would usually have had my order by wednesday (I ordered on monday) and this time I didn’t receive it til friday so I was stalking my postie like mad for a whole week!

When my order arrived I felt like it was a gift from the gods, honestly I was ridiculously excited and it was very much a pee your pants moment!


The flavour’s I went for were easter egg nests, hot cross bun, maple bacon pancakes and bonfire toffee.  I did of course forget to take pictures of them before I opened them as I was far too excited to resist smelling them right away!  So far I’ve tried hot cross bun and easter egg nests and oh my lord as usual I wasn’t dissapointed!

Hot cross bun (which is a blend of rooibos and Sri Lankan black tea with cinnamon, hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip, orange peel, Lapsang Souchong tea, vanilla pieces, cranberry pieces and flavour) has the gorgeous orangy, cinnamony taste of freshly made hot cross buns and easter egg nests (which is a blend of Sri Lankan black tea, cacao bean, cacao shells, Japanese sencha green tea, toasted rice, marshmallows , chocolate chips , sunflower petals and flavour)  tastes just like toasted shredded wheat and chocolate.

My mind is just blown by the maple bacon pancakes flavour (a blend of Rooibos, Chinese Pu’erh tea, Sri Lankan black tea, cinnamon, Chinese lapsang souchong black tea, vanilla pieces, almond pieces, calendula petals, flavour), I had no idea how on earth they’d pull it off but oh my god they did, it’s smoky and sweet and just plain yummy!  I only ordered small packets just in case I didn’t like them but I’m going to need to order the large size as these need to be staples in my life for a good while yet!



My freebies with this order along with the mug and the tea silks obviously were honey bee beautiful and skinny minny, I’ve never tried either so I’m super excited about these!

I’m planning on doing a blog post completely dedicated to my bluebird tea collection so I’ll be reviewing the other 3 flavours I got in that post but for now I leave you probably with your mouths watering and your buying fingers twitching while I go and have yet another cup of tea and cosy up with a good book!

See you next time, Em xXx


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