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Weekend round up!

This weekend hasn’t been a particularly exciting one but it has been a fairly productive one.  On Saturday there waslots of cleaning, a truck load of washing and a trip to the vets!  Then our 6 and 10 year olds had a sleepover at their gran and grandad’s and we had a lazy evening with the other 3 kids lounging about watching films and playing in the garden before they fell asleep and there was rugby for the husband and a mug of tea and a good book for me.

On Sunday we had my mum arrive to stay for the week which had the kids bouncing off the walls, a trip to the local gran and grand ads to scrub the pen off the sofa that one of our little darlings wrote on yesterday.  Not one but 2 trips to the supermarket, the second was necessary as we decided at 4pm to have our first barbecue of the season.  Cue sausages, cherry toms, corn on the cob and a boat load of fruit for the kids and steak, sweet potato chips and roasted Mediterranean veggies for the grown ups, yum!  The kids have spent the entire day playing out either with friends in the street or just in and out of the garden.  The bath now looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in about a month (it was cleaned this morning!) and that makes me smile as that’s what life should be like for kids, full of muck and fun and fresh air!  They’re all asleep as I write this and I’m painting my nails (nails inc gel effect in Hyde park place) trying to decide what kind of tea to have with my book tonight, it really is the simple things in life!

We’ve been way too busy enjoying life this weekend to take any pictures and do you know what? That’s ok! I’d usually have some ridiculous guilt trip going on that I’d not documented these moments that I can’t get back but this time I’ve just taken the time to enjoy it all.

See you next time, Em xXx

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