In hiding the sequel

So I went back to the Dr a few days ago after my very own christmas miracle happened and we were literally the first people to get through on the phone!

This all explains why I’ve been unable to post anything for the past few days, content will be a bit hit and miss for a while but hopefully you guys will understand!

I saw a different one than last time thank goodness and she actually listened, she’s changed my meds to something that will hopefully help me sleep.


She prescribed trazodone and has given me instructions to double the dose after a week. The problem is I’m on day 3 now and I’m waking up daily with a crippling migraine that I can’t get rid of and all I’m good for is my bed.  I’m going to persevere for a few more days but honestly I don’t know how much more I can take,  I’m absolutely useless right now and it’s so unfair on the kids.  My youngest keeps coming and snuggling up in bed with me and watching cartoons on the ipad which is so sweet of her but I’m barely seeing the others.
Our 10 year old broke both of his pairs of glasses in the last couple of weeks so I ventured out with my husband today to get him a new pair (we went to order a replacement yesterday but they won’t come for over a week and the poor boys blind as a bat!) and when we got back it was back to a dark room for me.
I’m hoping this is just a side effect that will wear off but after googling it a fair few people report this kind of thing and say it doesn’t stop so we’ll see.

See you next time,  Em xXx

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