Old and new favourites: lip products

I have a huge thing about lip balms and have recently re-discovered an old favourite as well as finding a couple of new favourites one of which is very similar to the old favourite.  At first I was just going to do a comparison between the 2 very similar products but then I thought why not just throw in the new one and make it an all encompassing favourites post?

First up is my old favourite which are the fresh sugar lip treatments.  I discovered these when I got the rose shade in a glossybox years ago and have since amassed quite the collection!  I have (swatched in this order) nude, coral, ruby, rose and the original.

I absolutely love these balms, they look quite scary for balms in the tubes but as you can see once they’re on they just give a nice sheer tint of colour.  They feel and smell amazing (like lemons and sugar) and always leave my lips feeling gorgeous!  I love the packaging on these as so many lip balms have lids that like to detatch themselves in my bag and everything end’s up in a huge sticky mess but these are screw on and go nowhere, I also love the brushed metal feel of the tubes, it make’s them feel really luxurious which to be honest they are as they’re £19.00 a pop!

The ‘dupe’ for these are the younique lip bonbons, now I only have 2 of these as I felt like I was betraying a bestie when I was buying them but I have to say they are fantastic.  Again you get a sheer tint of colour and they feel great as well as smelling like vanilla cupcakes! The packaging is pretty much identical only the inside tubes of these have a really pretty pattern on them.  I have red velvet cake and vanilla milkshake although I don’t know why I bothered swatching the second as it’s basically just a clear balm, I think I got a bit carried away! These one’s also blow the budget at £18.00 each.

Lastly and my most recent favourite that my gorgeous children got me for mothers day are the bare minerals pop of passion lip oil balms.  These are just gorgeous, they’re not as moisturising as the other 2 but they give a lovely sheer colour and have a gorgeous feeling on the lips.  I have (swatched in this order) nude passion, pink passion and plumberry pop.  These are the cheapest of the bunch at £16.00 each so they’re still quite steep.


Of course these are just my tinted balms, I also have way too many plain old lip balms but I’d take hours going through those and let’s be honest they’re really not that interesting are they?  Leave a comment to let me know of any more tinted balms I might like, I’m forever after something new to try!

See you next time, Em xXx

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