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Weekend round up!

Hi guys, I know this post is a day later than usual but clearly easter monday as well as good friday counts as the weekend right?  This weekend was a fab one!  On friday I had some surprise guests arrive, of course my husband knew along with my mum who was visiting last week but I had no idea til the car pulled up outside!

My uncle, my grandad and my 6 year old cousin came to stay, just for the night but it was fab anyway!  My husband cooked a massive lamb roast for the 11 of us then my mum, grandad and my 6 year old along with my 6 year old cousin played the bush tucker trials game, I was so impressed with the little ones as they ate locusts, crickets and meal worms!  The bigger kids wouldn’t even try so the girls were named queen’s of the bugs! As the day wore on we had a camp fire (in our new large fire pit that their visit had warranted buying as apparently the 2 we already had were too small), toasted marshmallows and played in the garden.  The girls had an absolute blast with their cousin, they don’t see each other often but they all got on so well, it was lovely to see!

The kid’s were filthy and stinky from being around the fire pit, they’d stayed up late so they could play some more so bath time didn’t happen til 9pm which they were all very excited about.  The 4 year old and two 6 year olds all jumped in together and were very impressed by the purple water (which was soon turned brown as they were so filthy from playing) that was created when we used a carrot bubble bar from lush!

Our visitors left fairly early on saturday morning and our day was filled with gymnastics, a visit to the vets and lots of errands along with buying a new fish tank for the living room which I have to say I wasn’t very pleased about but I have to admit it does look nice and will look even nicer when the waters actually treated/settled enough to put fish in it!


Sunday morning was obviously a chocolate for breakfast, lounging around kind of morning.  Mum left at about 9am so after that we had a cleaning morning as there was a ton to do after having had guests all week.  Easter lunch was at the in-laws house where we had roast beef and all the trimmings and the kid’s spent a couple of hourse jumping all over their uncle who they don’t see very often.  We played rummikub word with the older kids while their dad snoozed away his food coma on the living room floor then it was home to more chocolate for the kids and more housework for us!  The kids had pizza hut for tea then the boys played on the xbox for a while and the girls watched beauty and the beast before bed.  I didn’t actually take any pictures of the kids easter haul this year but here’s a couple of pictures of mine, I was very spoiled this year!

Monday was a bit boring really, after sunday’s cleaning monday was washing the ridiculous amount of clothes, bedding and towels that had been accumulated over the past few days while the kids played, trashed everywhere we’d cleaned on the sunday and tried to kill each other!  My husband doesn’t get the bank holidays off work but he did work at home and get a few tip runs in for me through the day as he was sorting the garage!

There you have it, our not awfully exciting but really lovely weekend.  Leave a comment and let me know what you guy’s got up to over the holiday weekend!

See you next time, Em xXx


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