April MeltyBox review!

Hi guy’s it’s that time of month again my MeltyBox has arrived and I’m so excited to let you guy’s know what I think of this month’s offering’s!  You can find last month’s review here if you’re interested in taking a peek at some of their other scents!

This month the box has changed a little and now includes a lovely little lifestyle, beauty or healthy snack item each month!  This month I received a gorgeous nail polish from rimmel in shade 200 orange your life, I actually already have this polish as I have a fairly unhealthy nail polish obsession but I’ll definitely be passing it on to a friend.  My 6 year old decided she needed to try it immediately so she’s the model below!

The mystery scent competetion is a monthly thing they do via facebook where you guess the fragrance and suggest an interesting name for it, tag a friend and if you win you and your friend get next months box free.  I think this is such a fun unique idea but I’m terrible at placing scents so it’s not something I’ll ever be entering!

The scents I received this month are:

Grapefruit Mango, Carribean Island, Asian Pear and Plum


Rose and Violet, Chocolate Bunnies, Sweet Almond and Macaroon


Green Tea and Lemon, Fresh Cotton and the mystery scent


I opted for a necklace as my jewel again this month and it was hidden inside the Chocolate Bunnies melt.  I got a gorgeous sterling silver heart necklace which retails for £20.00

My favourite scent this month has to be green tea and lemon but again I love them all except chocolate bunnies which I was really dissapointed by as I LOVE chocolate and this just smelled musty and damp to me and as soon as it had melted enough to get the necklace out I binned it, that’s just me though scents are a very personal thing so don’t knock it til you’ve tried it for yourself!  Overall I’m happy with the box and again I definitely feel as though I got my monies worth!  I will be continuing with this subscription for a while yet as like I mentioned last month they guarantee different scents for 6 months straight and I just have to try them all and I’m curious what the ear rings and rings are like naturally!  This subscription is £20.00 a month including p&p and I think it’s worth every penny!

I’m still really surprised about the amount of scents I like from their range so far as I’m so fussy I honestly thought I’d hate them all!  I’ll just be sat here twiddling my thumbs waiting for next months box now only moving to switch out my fragrance…

See you next time, Em xXx

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