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Weekend Round-up!

Hi guy’s, this weekend was a pretty good one!  On Friday morning my epic tea haul arrived from the bluebird tea company, you can read a previous review of their ridiculously good tea’s here.  At lunch time 2 of the kid’s went swimming with their grandma so we took the other 3 out for a meal which was lovely even if daddy did spend rather a lot of time on his phone which obviously I had to document as proof!  Then the husband went to pick up our neice so he took most of the kid’s with him so I could actually get a blog post up that you can read  here and have a peaceful coffee! Then it was off out for dinner with our neice to our favourite steak restaurant  and to see one of our all time favourite musicals so it was a rather indulgent day!  Thankfully our neice loved The Rocky Horror Show as much as we did and now want’s to go again and again and again….

On Saturday we had a pretty lazy day, a bit of shopping in the morning for some computer bits the husband desperately needed and some food for the dog as all he seem’s to do is eat (he has problems gaining weight so we have to feed him a LOT)!   Then we went to the in-laws for a bit so the kid’s could see their uncle before he disappeared back to London with Mcdonald’s for lunch for the kid’s, then home for friend’s coming to visit.  After they left it was an Indian for tea (before I got back on the diet wagon!) and bed for the kids then a film on the sofa for me and the husband.

On Sunday the kid’s decided they wanted to go out and spend their saved up pocket and easter money so we went out for a family shopping spree.  The girl’s opted for clothes, bags, accessories and books while the boy’s opted for xbox game’s, slinky’s, clothes and book’s.  I had to replace my favourite powder that I’d run out of so I pic the  original mineral veil and a surprise £5.00 off, thank you debenhams beauty card, does anyone else ever forget they have these until they have a nice surprise discount waiting for them?  Then it was back home to make Slutty Brownies I know I know I said I was back on the weight loss wagon but I just couldn’t resist, beside’s who ever get’s back on their diet on a sunday?!?  Then it was housework and playing followed by bath for the kid’s and a food coma for me!

We had such a fab weekend despite having a poorly little one, she refused to just rest so we took her lead and just chilled when she needed to!  I wouldn’t usually post pictures of the kid’s but I couldn’t resist showing you guy’s the mullet that was created when the 4 year old decided to cut her own hair!  I’d love to see picture’s of disaster’s your kid’s have had, you can share them on facebook or twitter!

See you next time, Em xXx


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