Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation review

Hi guy’s I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased the double wear foundation that everyone’s been recommending to me for ages!  I went to their counter in my local debenhams for a colour match and I do think they actually matched me to something a little too dark and unfortunately they didn’t have a sample to give me so I just grabbed the full size with the reassurance I could return it if I needed to which I thinbk is fab since I was obviously going to open and use it to test it out.  It did turn out to be a little too dark for me but I decided to do a wear test anyway as I wasn’t doing much and it was really just a ‘chilled’ housework kind of day.  Application was a lot easier thasn I expected as I had heard people had trouble blending it out but I found it to be really easy, I’m in love with the finish and I was so impressed that it kept my oil at bay through the day as I have seriously oily skin!  This foundation also didn’t budge from around my nosy or from my top lip which I always have trouble with and foundation usually dissapears from those arreas within an hour!  It didn’t look cakey at all and I was complimented several time’s through the day on my flawless skin!

Top Left is not long after first application, top right a couple of hours later, bottom left a couple of hours later and bottom right was about half an hour before bed.  As you can see the lasting power is just amazing, I’ve never had anything last this long before, in the last picture you can see it’s worn away a little around my nose but it was about midnight and I’d had it on since 11am and I’d not powdered or retouched at all!


I decided not to return this shade (2N1 desert beige) as with a little sun it will be perfect for me, I did go ahead and order the next shade down as I also did a wear test with in mixed with my rimmel match perfection in shade 010 light porcelain (whichafter a little research I found is a shade dupe for double wear in 1N1 ivory nude) and when I added a couple of drops of this it was perfect but being a different formula it changed the finish and wear time slightly.  My thinking is if I have both shade’s I can wear them seperate or mixed depending on the time of year!

This foundation claim’s to be fragrance free but it definitely has a slightly perfume smell about it, it claim’s to wear up to 15 hours and I had it on about 10 and it was still flawless so I agree with this and it also say’s it won’t smudge or come off on clothes, I wore white to test this and yup it stay’s put!  The one thing that’s a bit of a pain about this product is that it’s so hard to get off, once it’s on it’s like its bonded to your skin and every time I think I’ve removed it all I find more! £30 might seem like a steep price but the way I see it is that foundation last’s month’s if it was something you had to replace on a monthly basis maybe it would be a bit pricey but for something that’s going to last at least 6 month’s I think it’s pretty reasonable.

Overall I love this foundation, having oily skin it’s hard toi find something that doesn’t just melt off but I think I may have found my holy grail!

Have you tried this foundation?  I’d love to know your opinion, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Em xXx

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