April Cohorted Review

Hi guy’s, once again I’m here to ramble about this month’s cohorted box!  This month’s box is rather different to last month’s, not what I was expecting at all!  I must admit I was a little dissapointed when I opened the box.

cohorted april 2016

The first thing’s I saw were the gold element’s products. The kit consist’s of a hand cream, cuticle oil, nail buffer and nail file.  I’m a nail girl so I take extremely good care of my hand’s and nails so this kit is something that will come in useful but I wasn’t keen on the texture of the hand cream at all so I’ve given that to my mum already and the rest of the kit is just bog standard, yes I’ll use it but it’s not something i’d expect in a box that labels itself as high end.  This hand and nail care kit retails for £29.49.


Nesxt was the body shop white musk libertine EDT.  This is a nice enough perfume and the packaging is really pretty but it’s not something I’ll use and also not high end.  Fortunately anything white musk related has been one of my mum’s favourite scents for as long as I can remember so I’ve passed this on to her to enjoy.  I’m not sure about the retail price as I can’t seem to find it on their website and the book say’s £24.00 but that’s for 100ml EDP and this was a 60ml bottle of EDT.


Next up was the lipstick from MDM Flow.  We got the shade panther.  The colour is nice enough, maybe a little brighter than I’d usually wear but I would have given it a go if it didn’t have such an over powering smell of rose.  Not fresh delicate rose but the old lady kind you’d get in bad potpourri.  I did try putting it on but the smell doesn’t dissipate as you wear it and it also tastes extremely strongly of rose so this is a no go for me.  Such a shame as the packaging is also lovely and it would be a nice wee bullet to have in your handbag!  This product retails for £18.00.

Up next was a bath melt from Miss Patisserie, we got the milk and honey scent.  This product smell’s gorgeous and the packaging is absolutely darling the problem I have with this is that it’s a bath melt, a one use fairly cheap product and I’m not entirely sure why it would be in this box.  I will use it but I’m very underwhelmed by it.  This retails for £3.99.


Lastly we have the MAC patent polish lip pencil in the shade patent pink.  This is a nice product, not something I’d usually buy but it’s one of those shade’s you can have in your bag to throw on in an emergency lipstick moment as it’s sheer so can be easily applied without a mirror.  It’s not sticky and feel’s lovely on the lip’s, it doesn’t last a huge amount of time but what glossy lip product does?  Obviously the packaging is nice, their classic matte black with the colour on the end.  This retail’s for £17.50.


Overall this box has me questioning how long I’ll keep up with this subscription.  Last month’s box was amazing but I’m really not that taken with this one.  The retail value of the entire box is £93.00 but that’s a questionable figure in my opinion.  I’ll give it another couple of month’s and see how it goes but if this is the start of what’s to come I’ll definitely be switching to another box.  For a £35.00 box it’s going to take a lot to keep me subscribed and going by this box they seem to have dropped the ball a little!

See you next time, Em xXx

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