Sensationail polish to gel system

Hi guy’s today I’m testing out a product that could combine my love of a gel polish with my obsession with nail polish.  I have a huge nail polish collection which I absolutely love but as a mum of 5 a normal nail polish never last’s very long before it chip’s so I end up going back to the good old gel manicure which is a shame as I have some amazing polishes in my collection that are going to waste!  I was browsing the boot’s website yesterday and I came across the sensational polish to gel transformer starter kit and I just had to try it out!



The kit is £49.00 in boots and come’s with a gel cleanser, gel primer, polish to gel transformer, lint free wipes, mixing pot, double sided nail buffer, manicure stick and the LED lamp.  The instruction’s say that you can either use the mixing method which is mixing the polish and the polish to gel transformer together and applying that way or you can apply as a top coat.  I decided to try the mixing method.  Application was extremely easy with the instructions being very clear.  The whole process took about 15 minutes which is  fantastic really as usually it take’s about 30-45 minutes due to drying time between coats and top and base coats etc as well as the many interruptions that come with having kids!  The finish is gorgeously glossy and feel’s just like any gel manicure I’ve had before I’m using my all time favourite nude shade which is porchester square from nails inc, I applied this polish on 12th april for testing reference.

Day 2, I decided to throw this in here as I had a bath last night and scrubbed to within an inch of my life and where usually my nail polish would chip while scrubbing it’s still absolutely flawless!


So here we are on day 7 and I am in love with this system, I have no chips and very little sign of any wear on the tips.  I’ve deliberately been very harsh on my hands this week and they’re still perfect! I’ll apologise here for the dodgy lighting in some of these pictures, we were away for the weekend and the pictures were taken as and when I remembered!

The only issue I have with this starter kit is that it doesn’t come with any of the bit’s you need for removal so that add’s on another £21 if you buy what they suggest which are the sensationail gel polish remover at £6.00, the removal kit which includes the foil sachet’s (3 uses worth) a dropper to pop on the polish remover and a manicure stick at £10.00 and the gel polish removal tool at £5.00.  I decided to purchase these item’s so I could do my follow up review in a week’s time with the final lasting time and how the removal goes using their entire system but you could of course just use cotton pads, kitchen foil and any old acetone and manicure stick to remove them in theory.

So far I can’t see myself going back to professional gel manicures as the way these last and the ease of application is just brilliant and it mean’s I can finally use my huge nail polish collection!  Come back next week to see wether they really do last 2 week’s and to read about the removal process!

See you next time, Em xXx

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