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General life update!

Hey guy’s, I realised today that I haven’t updated about any of our families health issues lately so I thought I’d pop a quick one up today while I was having a cuppa (rhubarb and custard by the bluebird tea company if you’re interested)!

In term’s of my depression and anxiety I was having problem’s on the medication which meant I had to come off them straight away and because of those problem’s I made the desiscion to give my body a rest for a week or 2 so my liver could recover before I put it through anything else!  I’m planning on going back to the Dr this week so I can make sure I keep on top of things buut for now I’m glad I let my body recover.  I’m managing to get out and do the school run’s sometime’s now which has been a huge step for me and on our recent trip to London I didn’t freak out when I was left alone while my husband went to the toilet which would have been a major issue for me before.  I definitely feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in myself although I’m not daft enhough to think I’m fixed, I know there’s still quite a way to go and I’m definitely not wanting to go backward’s again.  It’s so nice just being able to take a short walk with the kid’s without feeling like I’m going to be sick!

Our 12 year old has been having a much easier time dealing with his problem’s, yes we’re still having outburst’s but we’ve all learned that when he’s angry it’s best for him to take some time out on his own and just chill out in his room or take the dog for a walk and have some time to think.  This way it stop’s them becoming so severe and ending up in a place where none of us can cope.  He’s making progress with kid’s in the street and is often found playing out now and I think this has been such a big part in the improvement’s he’s made, yes he still doesn’t walk away when he should every time but we’re getting there.  With the school’s help he’s definitely finding it easier to fit in, he hang’s around with a couple of kid’s at lunch and break which is all we want at the minute but we’re hoping it will progress into spending time together outside of school as at the minute the issue with the kid’s in our street is still the fact that there’s no one his age and while that’s not a major problem as they’re only a year younger I feel it could still be holding him back a bit!

Our 4, 6, 8 and 10 year old’s are all getting on great.  Our 4 year old start’s school in August which is crazy to me but she’s so excited about it!  Every day she ask’s how many more day’s, it’s amazing how fast they grow and develop into these smart little people!  Apart from a 4 week bout of some horrid bug that was passed around between them there’s not a lot else to report, the 8 year old managed to get scarlet fever and tonsillitis at the same time and the 4 and 10 year old’s had something but not either of those while little miss 6 was lucky enough to escape without catching anything!

Overall a lot of progress has been made on both our part’s, our 12 year old has his CAMHS appointment next month and we have lot’s of thing’s we want to discuss there but all in all I think thing’s are really improving!

See you next time, Em xXx

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