SensatioNail polish to gel system part 2!

Hi guy’s so today’s the day we (you) find out how the SensatioNail polish to gel transformer really performed!  2 week’s ago I started a wear test using the SensatioNail polish to gel transformer you can find the first part of the review here and read about the application process.  Now we’re going to find out about the weartime, did it last the 14 day’s?  Yes, even on a mum of 5 who’s extremely rough on her hands and to be honest I think I could have gotten another week or so out of it but because I’m such a polish addict 2 week’s is about my limit before I’m itching to change thing’s up!  I’m so impressed with this system, even my husband has been checking my nail progress on a daily basis and he’s usually not interested in the slightest but as a stay at home mum he’s the one who fund’s my gel nail’s and this is going to save him money so it’s a win win situation!

I seem to have managed to miss a day in the progress pictures and again I apologise for the lighting changes, I took these as and when I remembered but I feel like you can still see how this last’s with the pictures.

So I’ve just started the removal process and I have to say that using the removal sachets on your own is a bit of a task, I feel like it would be much easier if it was just a regular square of foil with the cotton on it’s really hard to wrap these sachets securely enough so that they stay on and you can forget doing both hands at once as it’s impossible to wrap you other fingers once the first hand is done.  I also don’t understand why they’re tear open sachet’s as there’s no product in them to begin with so it feel’s like a bit of a waste although because I could only do 1 hand at a time I decided to see if I could use the same 5 sachets for the other hand and they worked great without even adding any more of the polish remover so I feel like there’s definitely more than just 3 removal’s worth in the box which is fantastic.

To remove first you buff and file the surface of each nail then open the foil sachet’s and use the dropper to apply the gel polish remover (I used half a dropper in each sacher and this removed the polish from both hands!), you wrap you nail’s in the sachets making sure the cotton pad is fully covering each nail then leave for 10-15 minute’s (I left mine for 10) before removing the sachet’s and using the gel polish removal tool to gently scrape off any remaining polish.  2016-04-25_11.04.09.jpg

The polish removed really easily after 10 minute’s using the removal tool and I found that unlike when I have my nail’s done professionally they didn’t feel weak or bendy at all after the polish was removed.  I’m really impressed with the whole systrem from start to finish, application was quick and easy, lasting time is fantastic and removal was a doddle even though it took double the amount of time as I had to do both hand’s seperately.  My husband will be happy as  I will definitely be sticking to doing my nails myself now so I’ll be able to enjoy my massive nail polish collection and save some pennies in the process!  I’ve already re done my nail’s using the system again this time using Barry M Gelly nail paint in chai.  20160425_115443.jpg

In total for the starter kit and the thing’s you need for removing this product it come’s in at £70.99 at Boots but when you consider that each gel manicure is going to cost you between £20 and £30 then I think you recoup the cost pretty fast!  Huge thumb’s up for this system!  I’m looking forward to trying more SensatioNail product’s as this has me well and truly hooked!

See you next time, Em xXx

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