Cohorted: My little treat box April special edition

Hi guy’s as you all know I’m addicted to subscription boxes so when I saw Cohorted had a special edition box out this month I just had to get it!  While their subscription is £35.00 per box this was £49.99 but after seeing what was in it I couldn’t resist.

First of all I’ll mention the packaging, it’s the usual black box but just like the subscription this month there was no bow, it seem’s silly but I’m a bit sad about the bow disappearing it was one of the features that just made it seem more luxury!  The next sticking point is that there’s repeat’s on last month’s box, this month’s box and the sneak peek of next month’s box.  As a special edition of a subscription box surely they realise it will be mostly their subscriber’s who will purchase this box and repeat’s aren’t cool!  I got lucky they must have run out of the eye pencil and I got 2 of the MAC lip pencil’s instead luckily they were both different to the one I received in this month’s main box!

Now let’s get on to what you guy’s came here for, the actual contents of the box!  The first thing that caught my eye was my first ever Hourglass product the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in the shade Riviera.  Of course this came in a box and when I first opened it I was a bit disappointed thinking it was a colour I would never wear as it’s bright orangey red but when I put it on I absolutely loved it!  I think it’s going to be an amazing lippy for summer as it will look gorgeous with a tan!  It claim’s to have a 14 hour wear time but I only made it to 6 before it started flaking, I expected my lip’s to be seriously dry when I took this off but they were surprisingly moisturised.  I’m excited to be getting another one in next month’s main cohorted box, I just hope it’s a different colour! 2016-04-25_22.55.05.jpg

Next are the MAC Patent Polish lip pencils I got the shade’s spontaneous and ruby.  I absolutely love these, they’re so easy to wear, last a decent amount of time for a glossy product and they smell and taste like cupcakes.  What’s not to love?  I’m also just relieved that I didn’t get the same colour as in my main box this month! 2016-04-25_23.01.30.jpg

Next up is another repeat which I first received in my march box, the Bare Escentuals heavenly face brush.  I’m not annoyed by this either to be honest as I love the first one so much.  I find it a perfect blush brush and am really happy to have another one in my collection! 20160425_230933.jpg

Then we have the bareMinerals READY Blush in the shade ‘The Tease’.  This is such a pretty colour and I’ve never tried a bareMinerals blush before so I’m really excited to have this.  I haven’t had time to try this one out yet as I’ve been testing out a few other product’s but if I love it and it’s more magical than unicorn poop then no doubt it will have a review of it’s own!


Ok I’m going to get the boring bit out of the way before I get on to the reason why I ordered this box in the first place.  The perfume samples.  We got a 5ml Estee Lauder Intuition which I absolutely hate.  I don’t like it in the air and I don’t like it on the skin but perfume’s a very personal preference so don’t be offended if you love it, it’s just not me at all!  Then we got a teeny tiny 1.2ml saple of one of my favourite perfume’s the original CHLOE eau de parfum, this will be popped straight in my handbag for on the go freshening up.  Not a lot else to say really is there!  2016-04-25_23.23.48.jpg

Last but definitely not least is the main attraction and the reason why I decided to get this box.  The NARS Domination Cheek Palette.  I’ve not actually tried much from NARS and since this contains both the orgasm blush and laguna bronzer I just couldn’t say no could I?  They’re such cult favourite’s that I just had to try them out!  As above with the bareMinerals blush I haven’t had time to try these out either but I have a couple of other NARS thing’s to try out and review so I’ll let you know what I think in that one! As well as orgasm and laguna this palette has a highlighter in the shade devotee and another blush in the shade mistinguette, I’m so excited to try these product’s out and I’m so happy to have this palette!

2016-04-25_23.31.39.jpgFrom left to right we have devotee, laguna, orgasm, mistinguette.

I’m so happy I decided to go for it with this box, it included some fantastic product’s which I’m excited to have in my collection.  As I said abover this box cost £49.99 but the retail value is £157.00 so you’re really getting fantastic value for money if you’re going to use and enjoy all of the product’s which I absolutely will!  Did you indulge yourself and get this box, if you did I’d love to know your thought’s!

You can find my previous Cohorted reviews here and here!

See you next time, Em xXx



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