MeltyBox Review May 2016

Hi guy’s I’m back today with another MeltyBox review.  You can find the march review here and the  april review here which I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

I’ll start by telling you a little about the box for anyone who hasn’t read one of these reviews before.  MeltyBox is a monthly wax melt subscription with a twist, it’s linked to imperial candles which is a company that’s quirk is that in each candle there’s an item of jewellery and you choose between a ring, ear-rings or a necklace and in this subscription one of your melt’s will contain a jewllery item too.  The melt’s are made of soy wax and are additive free so don’t contain any nasties for you to inhale and the jewellery can be worth anywhere between £10.00 and £2000 and be made of sterling silver, white gold or yellow gold.  Each month 1 lucky box will contain a jewel worth up to £3000 or an iPad air!  The box itself is £20.00 a month and contain’s 9 wax melts and so far I’ve not had a jewel worth less than £20.00 so I feel like you get really good value for money.

Each month there’s a mystery scent contest over on their facebook page with the chance to win next month’s MeltyBox for you and a friend.  You like their page, guess the mystery melt scent, give it a creative name and tag a friend.  The contest take’s place in the second week of every month and they say you’ll be crowned SCENTGURU of the month.

This month’s box is just as lovely as ever, there’s a few scent’s I don’t like but I think that’s par for the course with this kind of subscription and I have a family member who gladly take’s any I don’t like off my hand’s so I still feel that it’s a subscription worth continuing!

As usual the box came beautifully presented with the pretty purple and white outer box and purple tissue paper with the cute little Melty sticker which I find ridiculously appealing, seriously how cute is he?!


This month’s lifestyle extra was a gorgeous bodyshop shower gel in the mango fragrance, perfect for spring weather to give us a taste of summer scent!  My daughter’s have decided this is their’s so I won’t get to use it but at least they’ll smell delicious!

As usual there’s a great variety of scent’s in this months box.

  • Acai berry, lilac blossoms, red velvet cake
  • Watermelon, frozen margaria, jelly beans
  • Chocolate mint, strawberry kiwi, mystery


  • Acai berry is a very sweet and fruity scent, a little too sweet for me so I’ll be passing this one on!
  • Lilac blossoms is a very delicate floral scent which I absolutely love.
  • Red velvet cake is very very sweet and sickly, the kids say it smell’s like pancakes and syrup and they love it but for me it’s just far too sweet and it will be being passed on asap!
  • Watermelon is very fresh and fruity, not too sweet or over powering in the tub but it could be slightly too sweet once it’s in the burner.
  • Frozen margarita has a nice slightly lemony scent and I do like it but I think it smell’s more like a nice soap than margarita’s!
  • Jelly beans has a very slightly fruity and not very sweet smell at all for one I thought I’d definitely hate I’m rather pleasantly surprised!
  • Chocolate mint is one I’m a little conflicted about, just like last month I don’t like the chocolate scent at all but I think I might get away with this one with it having such a strong minty smell about it.  Every time I smell it I’m back and forth over whether or not I like it so I may change my mind again!
  • Strawberry kiwi is very sweet and far too overpowering for me, not one I’d want again!
  • The mystery scent is just gorgeous, it smell’s just like christmas with hint’s of cinnamon, orange and cloves.

As you can see a few of the scent’s really weren’t my thing this month and I was gutted that the one with the jewel in it was one that I really wasn’t keen on.  I went for a necklace again this month and it was hidden in the strawberry kiwi melt which I found really sickly but I used it for you guy’s so I could do this review, see what I have to go through in the interest’s of being a good blogger?  I opted for a necklace again this month and I got a pretty sterling silver heart with an RRP of £20.00, as usual the necklace was wrapped really well in 2 layers of foil and 2 zip lock bag’s so it was in perfect condition.


I have to say that my favourite scent this month was the mystery scent which smell’s just like christmas and as anyone who know’s me will tell you I’m a total Mrs Clause so anything christmassy I’m all over!

Once again I’m pretty happy with this box and would definitely recommend trying it if you’re a fan of wax melt’s, you get such a huge variety of scent’s that there’s always going to be something you love!  You also get a 10% off voucher for any imperial candle so you could get a nice large size of your favourite scent with a little discount if you fancy it.

See you next time, Em xXx

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