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London haul!

Hi guy’s I thought I’d do a london haul with what I picked up on our recent trip as you just can’t do london without shopping can you?  We were quite indulgent on this trip and I picked up some gorgeous things, even my husband had a bit of a spree which is unheard of as he claims he hates shopping but I call bull**** on that as he exhausted me walking round london looking for the perfect white tee…  On to the haul!

First thing’s first, the shopping started at the airport as we obviously had some time to kill so I decided to pop in to Jo Malone.  I’ve never tried any of their product’s before and I may of went a bit mad in there but I picked up 4 perfumes in the scents lime, basil and mandarin,  french lime blossom, earl grey & cucumber and white jasmine & mint.  I always thought I wasn’t a fan of citrussy scents but it turns out I really am!  I loved the lime, basil & mandarin scent so much that I popped in to one of their stores in london and picked up the candle too!  I also picked up a candle as a thank you gift for my mum in the scent english pear & freesia and she loved it so I think there may be another Jo Malone convert there!  As well as the scents being absolutely gorgeous the service was fantastic the staff were all really helpful and I love the wee complimentary treatment that you can get at your next visit to one of their stores.  People have always told me they’re really expensive but I found their prices pretty comparable to a lot of brands you find on the high street and their extra touches and packaging make any difference in cost well worth it in my opinion, it’s the small thing’s that make something feel really special and thise brand have hit the nail on the head with all the little touches they add.

Next I picked up a couple of thing’s in Kate Spade, I’d been all over the place looking for a bag in a specific colour so we popped in to see if they had anything suitable in there.  They didn’t have what I was looking for but I picked up a really cute little pencil pouch which came with a couple of pencils in the beige with gold spots, a flexi ruler (which I’m using as a bookmark), a pencil sharpener and a rubber.  I’m using the pouch for my essential’s in my bag (hand cream, cuticle oil, eye drop’s, lip balm, painkillers, blister plasters and whatever’s on my lips that day!) and a new thermal mug.  I really love their print’s as they’re so pretty and cheerful.  Once again the service was fantastic, I had a couple of the sales assistants helping me out showing me different bag’s that they thought might work and they were just so friendly.  It’s lovely when you have such a good experience and it definitely make’s me want to pop in again!


Next up is a couple of thing’s from l’occitane.  I’d seen a pump bottle of my favourite shower oil at the airport but I hadn’t wanted to carry it round with me so I popped into one of their stores and unfortunately they didn’t have it there but I did pick up the amande shower scrub as I loved the scent and I managed to find my shower oil at the airport on the way back so I picked that up too!  If you haven’t tried it this oil is amazing, it’s an oil to foam formula and it leaves your skin feeling and smelling absolutely amazing and the best bit is that a tiny bit goes a really long way so it lasts ages.  Once you have the bottle you can buy refill pouches which I personally think is fantastic as I hate putting so much plastic into landfill and this drastically cut’s down on the waste, they do this with a lot of their product’s which is fantastic!


I also picked up a couple of thing’s from NARS which I’ve reviewed here and my favourite NYX concealer.

Lastly I was treated to something rather extravagant. I got my mulberry bayswater in oak natural leather with brass hardware and I’m just as much in love with it as I thought I’d be!  I have been slightly scared to wear it out as even though I’ve treated it with water stop spray I’m so paranoid it will be marked!  I will get over it though as to be honest I like the aged look in these leathers when they have a gorgeous patina on them.   I’m a bag lover and my husband wanted to treat me to one while we were away and I wanted a classic, something that I’ve coveted for years!  I wasn’t sure about putting it on here as I know some people just think it’s ridiculous to spend this kind of money on a bag but I just love it so much I had to share!

We don’t shop like this often but sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself especially when you have time to browse! 

See you next time, Em xXx

One thought on “London haul!

  1. Your Mum really does love and appreciate the Jo Malone candle and I was honoured to look after the 5 kids and dog so you and Matt could have a good weekend x x x


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