Cohorted May 2016 should I stay or should I go?

Hi guy’s, it’s Cohorted time again.  This month I have to say I’ve not been feeling motivated to do this post at all.  I’m fairly dissapointed in the box and it’s not had me excited enough to write about it!  They’ve changed the packaging too and there’s no longer a pretty hand tied bow and while that’s a small detail I felt it was something that made the box feel a little bit special which for the price tag it need’s to be!  I will be fair and say I’ve been enjoying 2 of the products but I don’t feel like I got good value for money at all and as the title suggest’s I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be continuing with the subscription.

The first product in the box was the balm voyage palette by the balm.  This is a fantastic palette, the eyeshadows are well pigmented and easy to blend, the blushes and highlighters are the same and even the cream products are good and I love the fact there’s a seperate little flap over the cream product’s so they don’t end up all covered in powder.  I’ve used this a lot and I’m really enjoying it!  It’s also nice that it’s got very different shades than the last palette we got by the balm! This (apparently) retails for £37.50.

The picture on the left is the eyeshadows and we have:

  • Top: Welcome, BIenvenue, Bienvenido
  • Middle: Benvenuto, Tervetuloa, Welkom
  • Bottom: Willkommen, Vankommen, Failte

The picture on the right is the face and lip products and we have:

  • Row 1: Kuwakaribisha, Croeso, Huan Ying, Dobrodosli
  • Row 2: Bem-Vindo,  Vitajte
  • Row 3: Bem-Vindo blended and solid
  • Row 4: Vitajte solid and blended

Next up was the hourglass opaque rouge liquid lipstick in the shade canvas.  I absolutely love this, it’s a product I’ve had before in the april treat box and I’m so glad I got a different shade as I can definitely see myself wearing these a lot!  These are beautifully long lasting and they wear really evenly which is fab for this type of product.  The applicator is a really nice size and the application itself is fairly easy and there’s enough time to fix any mistakes before it dries down completely. This retails for £23.00.


The next product we have is a nail polish by hj manicure, I got the shade turqoise sea.  This is a nice polish, it dries pretty quickly and has a lovely shine to it and is also vegan and cruelty free which is always a bonus.  I’m a total polish addict so this is a lovely addition to my collection.  This retails for £9.50.


The last product is a 4.5ml bottle of the jimmy choo edt.  This is a nice perfume, a pretty floral scent however it just isn’t for me and I’m not convinced it’s worth the £10.00 they say it is for the size.

So to sum it up I really don’t think the box is worth it’s money this month, it’s a £35.00 box and  I’ve seen the balm voyage palette for around £16.00 in tk maxx lately and the perfume sample is no way worth £10.00.  I do like the product’s and will use them all except the perfume but I’m just not convinced that I can shell out £35.00 a month for a box where the last couple have been questionable.  I will be getting next month’s box as you pay a month in advance for this subscription but I’ve also signed up for another box that’s the same price so I can compare the 2 in June which I’m really excited about!  I have cancelled my subscription but I’m definitely open to starting it again if the June box is something special!

What do you guys think?  Do you have any opinion’s on this box or are you subscribed yourself and disagree, I’d love you to leave a comment and let me know!

You can find my previous reviews here, here and here!

See you next time, Em xXx


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