Changes, all of the changes!

Hi guys! The past couple of weeks have been crazy here, we’re coming up to the end of the school year and we’ve had meetings and sports weeks and moving up days which have taken up all of my time.  Add to that the gorgeous weather and the amount of time spent outside it explains why I’ve been absolutely exhausted come bed time and had no energy or time to write.

Today is the day after my youngest (Miss 4) and last child’s taster day at school.  She starts full time in August and I’ve been an emotional mess just thinking about it.  I’ve been so worried as she hasn’t even been to nursery as they had no places available in our area and I thought she might struggle but after a minute where u thought she may cut off the flow of blood to my hand she went off and had a great time announcing to me when I picked her up that I was right and she didn’t miss me at all.  Thanks kid. 
This is so strange for me, I’ve had little ones at home for 13 years now and I’m finding it hard thinking that I’ll never have that again.  Don’t get me wrong I love my me time but I have no idea what I’ll do with so much of it except have a much tidier house.

Our 12 year old has been doing so much better.  His behaviour cards have been a fantastic tool for us as we’ve been using them as a reward scale so x amount of points gets him 30 minutes to an hour of whatever activity he fancies on an evening (generally computer related).  We’ve seen a huge improvement in the last few weeks since starting them so here’s hoping that carries on after the summer holiday.  We had his CAHMS appointment back in may and they agree he needs some help so we’re waiting on some questionnaires being sent to both us and the school and once they’ve been sent back they can pinpoint what kind of help he needs and put us on the right path so we’re feeling good about that going in the right direction!  We’ve also been working with the school and the educational psychologist to see what we can do there to help him with a few things, we’ve been there pretty much weekly having meetings which has definitely been helpful for us and hopefully Mr 12 can see that we all just want to help him!  The school are also going to have him assessed by their ASN to see if there’s any help they can put in place in the lessons he particularly struggles in so we are definitely on the right track right now!

Mr 11 had his residential trip this week so that was 2 nights and 3 days of outdoor activities, he came home absolutely exhausted but as usual he had an amazing time!

Last week was health week at our primary school which the kids always love.  It’s a whole week of different sports and health related activities both at school and various different sports centers in the area.  They do everything from dancing to marshal arts and this year they added in first aid which Mr 11 particularly enjoyed!  They also make healthy snacks and smoothies which is usually a favourite activity with all of the kids!  Poor Miss 6 missed out on half of her week due to a nasty infection but thanks to the sun we managed to spend a lot of time relaxing in the garden so that took the edge off a little for her!

Miss 6 and Miss 8 have a gymnastics competition coming up soon so there’s been lots of practise for that going on which is obviously just fantastic in the house as you can imagine.  I love gymnastics from a distance but when a foot flies past your face only missing hoofing you in the head by about 2cm it’s not so much fun!

OK I think I’ve rambled on long enough!

See you next time, Em xXx

3 thoughts on “Changes, all of the changes!

  1. blimey! You have been busy lol – its always hard when the youngest one goes to school full time.. but its only sad for a little while haha! any hobbies or anything you might want to start? #stayclassy


  2. Aw lovely update! That’s great that the reward system is working for your son, will keep this in mind for the future. I can only imagine how you must feel sending your last child off to school : (, but at least she had a good time and she’ll get to make friends and have loads of fun! So cute your two little girls are doing gymnastics! Thanks for the update and sharing with #StayClassyMama!


  3. I hope you get whatever support you need for your son, sounds like things are in progress and on the agenda which is a start. With regards your youngest,so heartbreaking when they walk off from you without a backwards a glance, but that means you’ve done a great job raising a secure and independent girl so thumbs up! #stayclassy


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