Weekend round up!

Hi guys, this was a pretty quiet weekend so this post should be a short one!  Mr 11 slept over at his gran and grandads on Friday night and went out with them on Saturday for a while so we didn’t see him till the afternoon but our day was taken up with my husband modifying our trailer for our roof box to go on top.  We want to keep the trailer packed with all the camping stuff so we can just hitch up and go and we want to be able to just pop the clothes in the roof box to keep it all separate but if course we got the roof box for our old car and the new car doesn’t have roof rails so we had to find a new way to use it!


We’re preparing for our first camping trip of the year in a couple of weeks so we’re checking the tent etc is all OK and we’ve been collecting bits for our kitchen box which I think is done now so we don’t have to pack half the kitchen every time we go!

Sunday was spent doing much of the same as Saturday checking over more camping things as well as catching up on washing, putting an obscene amount of school uniform on hangers (and realising there’ll be even more come august eek!) and tidying but we did find time to take the kids out for donuts and drink the most sinful shake of all time at Krispy Kreme the Nutella Kreme shake, I actually told my husband that we can’t go back until it’s off the menu as it’s flipping dangerous!

I also managed to get the worst mum award when I couldn’t find the invite to a going away party that Miss 6 and Mr 11 were supposed to be going to and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where it was so they couldn’t go.  Believe me all of the guilt happened!

Last night must have been the worst Sunday night in a while we had both Miss 6 and Mr 11 refused to bathe so they’ve gone to school today looking like stig of the dump.  Miss 8 was traumatised as shed been playing rather enthusiastically and her earring had cut her ear and Mr 12 was in a foul mood because he’d had his phone confiscated and couldn’t resist the his girlfriend and bedtime took flipping forever so when the husband handed me a vodka and coke I could have cried although I did round off my evening with a gorgeous cup of red velvet tea from the bluebird tea company and some fab magazines so I went to bed all relaxed in the end and I had to share a picture of what I found when I went to check on the kids before bed as it just melted my heart, they really are best friends!


Miss 4 and Miss 6 being adorable!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!

See you next time, Em xXx

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