Benefit Goof Proof brow Pencil review!

Hi guy’s, I wasn’t going to bother with these as I usually stick to powders as every brow pencil I’ve tried seems to pull red on me but then I spotted the July copy of Elle magazine and it came with a free one so I couldn’t resist! picking it up and I don’t regret it!

First things first the packaging as with all things benefit is fab, really eye catching and just the right amount of retro!  The sample came in shade 2 and  contains 0.11g of product which isn’t bad for a sample and will definutely give me enough use to decide whether it’s for me.

The application was really easy even for a pencil novice like me and I feel like this shade is really universal as it is definitely buildable which is great as I catch the sun really easily so my hair tends to lighten up a lot in summer and there’s nothing worse than having to change your shade with the seasons!  I love that it’s a twist up pencil as I hate having to faff around looking for the constantly disappearing sharpeners!


On first impressions I really like this product and can definitely see it being part of my daily routine.  I think it look’s really natural but still gives a very definite definition to my brow’s which are extremely patchy from years of plucking!

What do you guys think?  I think this is definitely a product worth trying especially since you can pick it up with the magazine this month!

See you next time, Em xXx

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