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Cohorted June 2016

Hi guys, I just got my cohorted box for this month and as you know I was unsure about whether I was going to continue with my subscription after last months box and this one has definitely made up my mind.

The packaging this month is definitely better than the past 2 months as that gorgeous little hand tied bow is back! Unfortunately for me this is where the happiness ends so let’s get on to the product’s!

The first product this month is the James Read Instant bronzing spray.  The packaging for this product is gorgeous and I’m sure it’s a nice product but being terrified of fake tan after a hideous tango man experience I won’t be trying this and it has already been passed on to a friend.  This retails for £25.00.


The second product this month is a lord & berry supreme iridescent eyeliner in the shade blue.  This is a nice eyeliner in a gorgeous shade but to be honest once it’s on you can’t tell that it’s blue at all unless you’re doing a more dramatic wing which I never have the occasion for!  I will use it but it’s not particularly special.  This retails for £12.00.


The next item this month is a NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in the shade Paimpol (I think!).  I’m actually gutted about this.  The colour isn’t good at all and the pigment in this is rubbish, I’m not sure whether it’s the colour of the formula but this shows every dry patch on my lips.  I’ve been wanting to try these for ages and although it feels nice on I won’t be rushing out to buy more.  This retails for £20.00.


The last product this month is the MAKEUP by HD Brows Eye & Brow palette in the shade 002 Foxy.  The packaging on this is gorgeous very sleek and expensive looking and it has a nice weight to it, I also love that there’s a decent mirror in the palette.  The brush is OK for filling in your brows but I wouldn’t us it for applying this as eyeshadow as the fluffy end doesn’t pick up much product at all and really doesn’t blend well but that coud just be the product itself as it didn’t blend well in my brows either!  The colours are ok and nicely pigmented but as soon as you touch the product with a brush it kick’s up a lot of powder.  I will use these as they’re lovely neutrals but it’s not something I would have gone out and bought and I probably wouldn’t repurchase.  This retails for £25.00.

As you can all probably tell I’m really not that impressed by this box.  For £35.00 I expect to be smiling when I open it but these last 3 boxes have been rather lacking.  The total retail value of this box is £82.00 but I’ve had lord & berry products in both glossybox and birchbox in the past and none of these product’s wowed me.  I did go ahead and cancel my subscription last month (with a view to re-subscribing if I loved this months box) as you pay a month in advance and I really didn’t want to get any more if I wasn’t happy for the 3rd month running and I’m really glad I did!

See you next time, Em xXx

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