Look Incredible June 2016

Hi guy’s I’m here with yet another beauty subscription review as I just can’t get enough of them!  This time it’s the standard look incredible subscription box and I have to say I’m just as impressed as I was with the deluxe!

The packaging is ok, a sleek black flip open box with a magnetized fastening with a Look Incredible Feel Gorgeous logo sticker but that’s not what you’re here for so lets get on to the contents!

The first product I pulled out of the box this month was the Velvet 59 Matte to the max liquid lipstick in the shade Pink Cadillac.  I’ll start with the positives, the packaging is really pretty I love anything rose gold so thats a total win but as for everything else this is a fail for me.  The colour is nice but not on me and the doe foot applicator is huge, I could forgive that if the formula was good but it’s so wet it’s quite hard to apply but that’s not awful as it takes a while to dry down so you have time to fix any mistakes but it’s seriously streaky and takes several strokes to get an opaque finish and as it doesn’t apply well over itself this is a disaster.  It’s one good point is that when it’s on it’s on, I’m so glad I tried this without any other makeup as I really had to scrub to get it off!  This retails for £17.00.



The next product this month was the Stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer in the shade Kitten Shimmer.  I love this!  The packaging is the standard Stila natural cardboard which I love.  The shade is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it,  I think I’ll be using it mostly as a highlight as it looks gorgeous on tan summer skin but I also want to try layering it uner my kitten eyeshadow to see if I can get it to pack more of a punch!  The swatch picture really doesn’t do it justice!  This retails for £16.00.



Next up is the BodyShop Moroccan Rhassoul body clay.  First off I love the packaging on this line, the colour is gorgeous and my inner magpie loves a bit of shimmer and add to that the rose gold touch  I’m instantly attracted to this.  I’ve not tried this yet but it smell’s gorgeous very spa like and relaxing, the textures lovely and when I tried it on my hand it does feel lovely and cooling with a slight firming feeling so I can’t wait to try it on my body.  This retails for £16.00.



The next item was the Ciate colourfoil manicure set.  This is a fun little set with lot of gorgeous coloured foils that can create a gorgeous edgy look.  I haven’t tried this product as I have a niece who I think will enjoy this way more than I would but it look’s fab!  This retails for £16.00.



The last product in this box is the No7 exceptional definition mascara in black.  I haven’t tried this yet as I’ve just opened a new mascara and I hate to waste them so I can’t tell you anything about it except I think the packaging is really pretty!  If it’s anything special I’ll pop a review up once I’ve tried it but I’m very happy to have got it in the box!  This retails for £11.50.





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