For the love of camping: Day 1

Hi guys we’re  away on our family holiday just now so after a couple of fairly disastrous/ expensive days I thought I’d do a day by day run down of our holiday.

Day 1 started really well the 4 hour journey was fine thanks to a ridiculous amount of electronics ( forgive us we were about to embark on a week of not even having a to let alone wifi and YouTube, we needed to prepare ourselves!) the kids were rather hyper when we arrived at the campsite but that’s to be expected really!  We arrived at abut 3pm and got the tent up while the weather was dry and let the kids run around and burn off some energy then went off in search of food which isn’t such a good idea after 5.30pm in England.  We found an open co-op 30 minutes away (then of course we found a closer one on the way back but this was day 1 so we were still smiling) then made our way back to the campsite with food for breakfast and a chippy for tea as requested by the children.  By the time we got back to the campsite the rain was coming down in sheets but it was getting fairly late by then anyway so we had tea then set about getting the kids to bed which was by all accounts a complete nightmare.  The kids were still ridiculously over excited and obviously light nights mean it can’t possibly be bedtime yet (oh how I can’t wait to get back to the blackout blinds at home!) so it took until about midnight by which point next doors baby had awoken and turned from stupidly cute into a howling monstrous being, having been through this ourselves we managed to sympathise and finally fell asleep ourselves at about 2am….

See you tomorrow for day 2, Em xXx

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