For the love of camping: Day 2

Hi guys this morning started at 4am when it was still torrential rain and the husband woke up at in a puddle.  Yep the tent was leaking, not just leaking really it had reached sieve like status and there were drips and puddles everywhere which my poor husband was desperately trying to mop up so everyone else could sleep.  At this point it was either give up and go home or go and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new tent or pack up and go home, we chose a new tent so after breakfast off we went tent shopping.

We were on our way to York in rush hour. With 5 kids and a hyperactive border collie.  What fun I hear you say!  Fortunately we’d left the soggy campsite so early we still managed to get to go outdoors for opening time and thanks to the fantastic staff managed to get a fab deal on our new tent plus all the extra bits and pieces and were on our way back to the campsite by 10.00 am.  All we had to do now was take down the old tent and pitch the new one which we thankfully managed before it started to rain again when we had to go find the local tip to get rid of the old tent.  By the time we got back to the campsite it was tea time and the sun was out so we had a lovely afternoon chilling out doing some crafts (we made bouncy balls with the miss 6 and miss 8 and miss 4 painted a bobble head puppy) the the kids and husband played cricket for a while and I chilled with the dog and some gorgeous locally brewed cider followed by a camp fire and marshmallows then bed time for the girls and reading and chill time for the boys.  

We were all asleep by 10 and thankfully next doors baby had a much better night! 

See you tomorrow!  Em xXx

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