For the love of camping: Day 3

Hi guys day 3 started off so much better a dry tent and sunny weather so we decided to go to Brimham Rocks at Summerbridge in Harrogate which is a fab national trust attraction and the bonus is you only pay for parking.  We’ve been before and the kids love it as you can climb all the rock formations and really explore unfortunately we only managed about 45 minutes (and 2 minor injuries) before it started to rain really heavily so we decided to go visit some family for the day and stay out of the rain! 

We got back to the tent at about 8pm and it was still raining heavily so after the kids ate their second tea of an enormous pizza it was straight to bed for everyone but not before the comedy moment of the day which was supplied by daddy who managed to split the back of his jeans tightening some tent strap thingys (yep so technical here!) which caused much hilarity!  Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep at all as I was stuck between Miss 6 and the husband who both snore like nothing else so I lay awake staring at the ceiling listening to the rain (and the qsnoring) till about 2am, yay for camping! 

See you tomorrow! Em xXx

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