For the love of camping: Day 4

Hi guys another sunny start today but as usual it didn’t last long so we decided to pop Pip into kennels for the day and go off to Middlesbrough for a trip to the cinema and to visit some family that really aren’t dog people!  

We ended up seeing the secret life of pets which was absolutely hilarious and we all enjoyed it which is a rare thing these days with such a wide age range!  We then did a bit of shopping and the girls managed to talk daddy into a new outfit each while the boys chose to stay in the car with their iPods and I think daddy wished he was there with them to be honest but me shopping unsupervised with the girls scares him and makes his wallet cry so it’s safer for him to come with us!  Next stop was hubbys uncles house and after the kids stopped acting like we’d sprinkled amphetamines into their cornflakes we had a lovely visit with hubby’s cousin and her husband popping in too.  Then it was off for a visit with his other aunt and uncle which was also lovely as the husband got to see another cousin who’s never usually about when we mange to pop in and the kids always love a visit here as they get to collect eggs and run around like loons, the girls have managed to make friends with some little girls across the road from them too so they popped over for a play while we were there.   We left about 6 with the realisation that one of our girls had managed to leave their new hoody at the first uncles and unless we wanted a seriously cross 4 year old for the whole journey back to the campsite we had to go back and get it! 

We finally got back to the tent at about 8pm after stopping to grab a Chinese on the way back, yep I know that’s not really in the camping spirit but by this point we were shattered and just needed an easy night!  Unfortunately Miss 4 and 6 picked up on our weakness and come bedtime had the most horrendous tantrums and screamed the place down for about an hour, you know the kind of tantrum where “no mummy no” is shouted freely and by the time they’ve settled down you’re both too scared to go outside for fear of having rocks thrown at you as it seriously sounded like you were beating them as opposed to the reality of what happened which was simply asking them to lie down and go to sleep.  

By the time we’d managed to settle the girls we were so exhausted that we just went to bed!

See you tomorrow!  Em xXx

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