For the love of camping: Day 5

Hi guys day 5 started EARLY but we didn’t mind too much as the sun was shining!  Pip was still on his doggy holiday so we decided to head off to the MAGNA science museum in Sheffield while we were puppy free.  We got there at about 11 and managed a couple of hours there even though the place was over run with school trips.  I don’t mind school trips at all but the teachers weren’t supervising and the kids were acting like animals and being so rude we just couldn’t take any more!  We loved the museum itself though it’s absolutely fantastic and everything’s interactive so really keeps the kids attention, there are earth, wind, fire and water sections and it was interesting for us all, we’ll definitely visit again especially as once you’ve paid in your ticket lasts the year! 

After MAGNA we popped to meadowhall for lunch where we went to the handmade burger Co which went down well with everyone, we couldn’t really shop though as we had to leave to get back in time to get Pip.

I’ve never seen a dog or kids so happy as when Pip got in the car I swear you’d think they’d not seen him for a month but I have to admit I was pretty happy to see him too!  We got back to the campsite at about 5 and played cricket and did some crafts and colouring until bedtime when once again Miss 6 decided to refuse to sleep and kick and scream for hours.  Not cool Miss 6 not cool at all.

See you tomorrow, Em xXx

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