For the love of camping: Day 6

Hi guys we woke up pretty early again this morning (I know such a surprise right?) and after checking the weather we decided today was the best day to pack up and go home.  We were supposed to stay till tomorrow but the weather looked awful and packing up a tent in torrential rain would have been impossible!   We set to it and were all packed to leave and on the road by 11.30!

We got home at about 3.30 after a really easy and uneventful journey and the kids either went out to play or had some computer time which they had earned by reading the entire way home, even Mr 12 read an entire book which is unheard of for him!  My husband and I were just happy to get reacquainted with our coffee machine and couldn’t wait for hot baths and our own bed!

Not such an exciting post but this is how life goes, some days are really something to write home about and others just aren’t! 

See you next time, Em xXx 

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