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Getting my healthy on!

Hi guy’s I know I’ve posted before about weight loss but I had a few months where I just focussed on maintaining I’m now ready to get back to it but I’m taking a totally different approach.  As I’ve lost weight I’ve felt able to do more exercise wise so along with the ‘clean eating’ I’ve been incorporating HIIT workouts interspersed with volume resistance training, I’ve basically been following the recipes and workout plan outined in the lean in 15 books by Joe Wicks and I have to say I’m loving it.  I feel amazing and actually miss the workouts on rest days and usually sneak in a HIIT session anyway!

These are some of the meals we’ve been eating for anyone who’s curious about what they look like when your average joe cooks them!  We have chicken and new potato hash, italian stallion sausages and indian spiced lamb on the top.  Eggs baked in avocado, greens, eggs and ham and asian duck salad in the middle.  Prawn noodle stirfry, in a hurry curry fried rice and cheesy chorizo, chicken and spinach on the bootom.  All delicious and very filling in fact I have to half a lot of the ‘serves 1’ portion sizes as they’re so big!


I think a lot of what’s helped me this time is that we’re having some amazing smoothies for breakfast, I always struggle to eat in the mornings but I can usually manage a drink and these are perfect.  We have chunky monkey and nutty mango on the top here and beetroot and raspberry on the bottom although my favourite this week is the fats me up one which is just delicious!


Overall I’ve now lost 4st 3lbs and in the past 2 weeks I’ve lost 14 inches overall!  I never feel hungry at all eating like this, every meal leaves me completely satisfied and I even end up leaving food a lot of the time which is big for someone who has the emotional issues with food I have.  I still have a long way to go but I actually feel like I’ll get there this time.  I’m not ready to post pictures yet but I think I’ll start that in a month or so we’ll see!

See you next time, Em xXx


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