Look Incredible July 2016

Hi guys I’m back again with this months look incredible standard box and I’m so glad I decided to keep this as well as the deluxe box, I love comparing the contents and I have a couple of things that I won’t use but I know some friends who will!

Look Incredible is a monthly subscription service, the standard box is £18.99 per month plus p&p.  I’ve tried lot’s of different subscriptions and this has been one of the best!

The first product I pulled out this month was the Nanshy Marvel 4in1 Blending sponge.  I had such high hopes for this as it feels lovely, things started well when it increased to a fab size when dampened but when I went to apply my make up it was a bit of a let down.  The sponge is too soft and when you’re holding it and pressing your foundation in it just sqashes up, the next bad point is that theres no way with the shape of this sponge that you can blend around your eyes and nose plus it absorbs way too much of the product.  Lastly when I cleaned it it literally shredded like instantly,  I used the same method as with my other blending sponges – I dampen add cleanser then use my knuckles and the palm of my hand so I wasn’t rough with it at all!  I’ll stick to my real techniques sponge I think but I am happy to have tried this!  This product retails for £5.95.



The next product this month was the Giorgio Armani gloss d’armani in the shade pink 502.  This is a nice enough product, a pretty, sheer, non sticky lip gloss and obviously a fantastic brand to get in a box like this but I’m just not a fan of lip gloss so I will be passing this on to a friend.  After a quick google (there was a misprint on the card this month and this product was missing) I can only find this here where it retails for £21.99.



Then we have the Urban Decay Lush Lash system.  This claims to be a revolutionary lash treatment system which boosts length and volume.  The serum accelerates the the lash growth with peptides and the conditioning mask coats lashes with growth enhancing peptides, panthenol and vitamin E.  I will be trying this product but obviously I can’t tell you if it works straight away, a fab brand to get in the box and I’m excited to use this product!  This retails for £28.00.



Then we have a product that is very similar to something we got last month.  The Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure set.  Last month we got the Colourfoil set and to be honest I wish they’d included something different this month but it is what it is.  This is a nice brand and the packaging is amazing but even as a nail polish addict I won’t be using this, I don’t go anywhere to warrent this kind of product so I’ll be passing it on to my niece who’ll enjoy it a lot more.  In the kit you get a nail polish in the shade electronica, a bottle of glitter and a UV top coat which is the wow to this product as it glows under UV light.  This retails for £9.99.


Lastly this month we got the Ultrasun Sports SPF50.  This is a great product to get at this time of year, if I was going somewhere hot on holiday I’d be glad to have this but the weather in scotland doesn’t call for this kind of protection the majority of the time.  This claims to be non greasy, non staining and water resistant.  It states it’s easy to apply and one application offers all day UVA and UVB protection and contains no oils, emulsifiers or perfume.  I’ll be passing this on to someone who’s off to sunnier climates!!  This retails for £24.99.




Overall I may not be keeping a few of these product’s but I’m definitely happy with the box, as someone who subscribes to a few things I get too many products to use myself anyway so I love to share things with family and friends!  This box was great value for money with the products being worth almost £90.00 in total.  You can find my review of last months box here.

See you next time, Em xXx

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