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Weekend round up!

Hi guys I’m back with another weekend round up, I know I haven’t done one in a while but I just fancied it today as I’m feeling chatty so here we are!

I’m going to start on Thursday this week as we actually went out, it was my mother in laws birthday and she fancied a meal out at wagamama so we did that then went back to their house for cake afterwards (which I declined as I just didn’t feel the need to eat it, go me).  Friday was a bit boring really, it was a rainy day and hubby was at work so we just dotted around the house getting things done until we had to take pip to the groomers at 4 then we popped to the shops for some new bedding for the kids as we’re doing quite a bit in the house at the minute just to freshen things up.  Mr 12 and Miss 8 slept at their grans on friday night so it was a pretty quiet one although I had a migraine and fell asleep on the stairs while putting miss 4 and miss 6 to bed!

On Saturday it was Miss 6’s gymnastics class first thing and while she was there we popped to B&Q for some paint.  After gymnastics the kids were made to clean their rooms so there was no end of drama and whinging and while they were busy doing that the husband painted the bathroom while I wrote a couple of blog posts that I’d been trying desperately to find the time to do but with it being the summer holidays having all 5 kids at home makes doing anything except refereeing rather difficult!  It was leg day so I managed to squeeze in an hour of HIIT and weights then I was about ready to drop so I had a nice soak in the bath while I recovered!  It was Miss 4 and Miss 6’s turn to sleep at their grans tonight so after dropping them on we picked up a chinese for the husband and the big 3 and went home to watch Zootropolis which was fantastic if anyone’s interested, by the time that was finished it was bedtime for the kids and the husband went up to start painting the little ones rooms while they were sleeping out and I caught up on some wayward pines.

On Sunday morning it was meal planning time and honestly that’s the only way I can ever stick to a plan and it’s well worth doing as I feel amazing.  We plan and shop for 4 days at a time so the fresh produce stays fresh and our meal plan this week is:

  • Monday: Breakfast-Fats me up smoothie. Lunch-Chicken Panzanella.  Tea-Prawn and Courgette Linguine with an apple and a handful of nuts for snacks if needed.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast-blueberry and banana smoothie. Lunch-Potato salad with butterfly chicken. Tea-Popeyes Chicken with an apple and a hard boiled egg to snack on if needed.
  • Wednesday: Breakfast-Nutty Mango Smoothie.  Lunch-Chicken Satay Skewers. Tea-Chicken Curry Lettuce Boats again with an apple and some nuts in needed.
  • Thursday- Breakfast-Fats me up smoothie.  Lunch-Fully Loaded Chicken Pitta.  Tea-Oaty Chicken and an apple and a hardboiled egg if needed.

I know some people won’t be interested but I’m really nosey and love reading peoples meal plans!  After meal planning the husband went and finished painting the girl’s rooms then we popped out to do a food shop and stopped off to look at cars on the way, I’m re-starting driving lessons soon but I’m going automatic this time due to anxiety issues and our people carrier is manual so we’re needing a second wee car for me to practice in.  It was so strange looking at cars for myself and a teeny bit exciting!  When we got home we just had time to put the girls rooms back to rights before they got home at about 6, the days seem to be flying by at the minute!  Obviously by then it was pretty much time for tea bath and bed for the kids then a bath for me before we sat down and watched Zoo which seems to have really upped the scare factor this season!  And that’s that, the weekend was over and the husband is back to work today so we’re just chilling out and getting some housework done, maybe I’ll even tackle the washing pile but let’s not go too far!!

See you next time, Em xXx

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