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Month 1: lean in 15

Hey guys!  My husband picked up a Lean in 15 recipe book by Joe Wicks on a whim as we liked the look of some of the recipes but after reading through it properly we went and bought the second book and decided to give the plan a proper go!

The first book is designed to help you shed fat and the second is designed to help you shape/tone up but we mix and match the recipes and I prefer the workouts in book 2 as they combine HIIT and weights in each workout which I just love where in book one you do HIIT and resistance on seperate days!

Day 1 was a real learning curve, the portion sizes in these books are absolutely huge and there’s no way I could manage even half of most of them but I did what I could and along with the workout I feel like I had a pretty good day!  As the week progressed we found we were really enjoying the food and I was really enjoying the workouts too!

At the end of week one I was still feeling positive and to be honest I just felt fantastic.  I was able to get up in the mornings without needing coffee immediately, I wasn’t craving my usual chocolate and coke zero constantly and I’d lost a total of 6.5 inches.


Week 2 was great, I found it really easy to stick to the tasty meals and I was really looking forward to the workouts.  Unfortunately my husband had to have surgery towards the end of this week so I was having to motivate myself to keep up with the food and workouts but because I enjoy it all so much it was really easy to do and by the end of the week I’d lost another 3.5 inches.


Week 3 was much the same as week 2, recovering from an op my husband can’t do the workouts so I’m doing those alone and still loving them, I get a bit crabby on rest days so I’m going to add in some pilates or yoga type exercise just so I can give myself that boost!  We’re still rally enjoying the food and have a few staple recipes that we like to incorporate every week as we enjoy them so much.  The end of week 3 was today at least for the measuring and I lost a total of 6.25 inches.  For the first time on any kind of plan I still feel motivated, usually after a few days I fall off the wagon but because I always feel satisfied after my meals I’m finding it super easy to stick to.  Yesterday I had my first treat which was a feast ice lolly and instead of feeling bad I enjoyed it for what it was and just got right back to the good stuff afterwards which is unheard of for me as I have huge problems with binge eating which you can read about here.


I feel like I’m getting used to giving myself manageable portion sizes now we’re into week 4 and although I’m not losing a lot of weight I’m consistently losing inches.  I typically weigh on a monday and measure on a wednesday to give myself a mid week check in.  I do want to change things up a little though as I have a huge amount of weight to lose and I’d like to boost that a little as even though I do lose consistently every week it’s very slow although I think a loss of 16.25 inches over 3 weeks is good going and I’m happy with my progress.  I’m not ready to post pictures or weight yet but I’m sure I’ll get there as time goes on and in the mean time you can have a load of sweaty faced post workout pics!


Fitness wise I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my cardio fitness and can push myself a lot further.  I didn’t really think the short bursts of HIIT would be able to do much but I feel amazing!  I’ve always loved weight training so I knew I’d enjoy that aspect and as with my cardio fitness my strength has quickly improved and I’m managing to push myself that little bit further.

Have you tried any of the recipes from the Lean in 15 book’s or are you following the plan?  What are your favourites and how’s it going for you?  Let me know below!

See you next time, Em xXx


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