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Weekend Round Up!

Hi guys it’s Friday again and the kids are all occupied so I thought I’d start our weekend round up early and add to it as we go!  We’ve not had a hugely exciting day so far but we did do a meal plan and food shop for the next 4 days so I thought I’d share that with you guys.

  • Friday: Chunky Monkey smoothie, Prawn and salmon laksa, philly cheese steak
  • Saturday: Big mclean muffin, smoked haddock and bacon chowder, pork chops with romesco sauce
  • Sunday: fats me up smoothie, lamb kebab with salad, sizzling sausages and beans
  • Monday: protein pancakes, chicken panzanella, joes korma

We’re following the lean in 15 workouts and meals so these are all from either the red or blue lean in 15 book’s by Joe Wicks, I recently did a month 1 progress blog which you can read here if you’re interested!


This afternoon I managed to do this months MeltyBox review which you can find here.  I always love doing these as I love wax melts, I have a bit of a thing about smells and hate the thought of having a smelly house especially with 5 kids and a dog so I’m always trying different melts to help everything smell fresh!  This evening we had an impromptu trip to IKEA for a new rug and a coffee table, we even managed to go child free as my mother in law came to watch the kids.

On Saturday we had a pretty boring one as we had to wait in for the boiler guy as not only was our boiler not working but the water tank was leaking as well as the husband having a load of parcels delivered which didn’t arrive til almost 6pm but it was worth it as we got our first lot of new dining chairs, our old ones are a health hazard I’m scared to sit on them these days as they’re so wobbly!

On Sunday we decided on a trip to the beach and ended up at Bamburgh where we met my mum and her husband with their dog.  It was Pip’s (our dog) first trip to the beach and for a dog who won’t even walk through a puddle I was surprised that he absolutely loved the sea, he was jumping waves and having a fantastic time running with the kids!  It was pretty busy for a blustery day but we had a brilliant walk and the kids had a ball in the sea and were soaked from head to toe which ended with a pretty much nude drive home with ice creams for me and the kids and fish & chips for the husband!  I love day’s like this, the joy in the kids faces is amazing and I haven’t seen my eldest have that much fun in ages!  He held back for a while being too cool to join his brothers and sisters but after about 15 minutes he just couldn’t pretend any longer and went in with them, an awesome day!


What did you guys get up to this weekend?

I’m so far behind this week that I’m not posting this until thursday, shocking!  It’s been one of those really difficult weeks with the kids and I’ve been completely absorbed in my own misery and suffering, we’ve all been there right?

See you next time, Em xXx

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