Mooncup review!

Hi guy’s I know this is something quite different for me to talk about but after trying it and falling in love I just couldn’t resist!

As a woman who used cloth nappies on her kids and also cloth menstrual pads until all my kids were potty trained it pained me to be using disposable pads again.  I don’t really know why I stopped using the cloth pads apart from laziness to be honest but lately I’ve just been hating the disposables and can’t stand the waste and the ridiculous cost so when a friend mentioned that she used the mooncup I did a little research and just had to try it.

The cup is made of soft medical grade silicone so there’s virtually no chance of any kind of allergic reacion and comes in 2 sizes, size A is for women over 30 and any woman who’s had a vaginal birth and size B is for those under 30 who’ve never given birth.  I ordered size A as I’ve given birth vaginally with 4 out of 5 babies.  Your cup will hold 3x more than a regular tampon, can be left in for 8 hours (although other brands state 12 hours) and there’s no risk of toxic shock syndrome  as an added bonus there’s no weird smells and as the cup isn’t absorbant it only collects your menstrual blood and leaves the good stuff that you’re supposed to have down there unlike regular pads and tampons which just absorb everything.  I bought my cup on amazon for £19.99 but they’re also available in boots and lots of other online retailers.

When my mooncup arrived it was a bit of a scary prospect at first, I’ve never even been able to use a tampon as they always just felt so uncomfortable  so when I saw how large it was I wasn’t sure it would work for me at all but I decided to just sterilise it and try it there and then and to my surprise it inserted easily and I couldn’t feel it at all it had popped open and made a fab seal (as I found out when I tried to remove it and couldn’t so I had to pinch the bottom to break the seal to get it out which is exactly what you want to happen so you don’t have any leaks!) so I sterilised it again and popped it away and was actually excited to get my period so I could put it to the test.  Your cup will come boxed with a little drawstring bag to store it between periods and an instruction booklet.

There are 2 popular insertion methods, the first is the u fold where you basically fold it in hal and then in half again and the second is the punch down method where you push down one side on the cup so it folds in on itself.  I’ve included pictures of what both folds look like but theres loads of videos on youtube that you can watch to see how it’s done as my descriptions are rather lacking!  My preferred method is the u fold and I’ve never had any problems with insertion or the cup not popping open.

When my period arrived I was excited to try it and I loved it from the first day.  It was the most comfortable, cleanest period I’ve ever had.  I was worried that it would be messy inserting and removing it but it really wasn’t and even though I have a pretty heavy flow it lasted 12 hours perfectly and to be honest on night 3 which is my heaviest time it was in for a couple of hours longer than that (we were away in a hotel for our anniversary and we took full advantage of the child free sleeping situation!) and it lasted amazingly although it does move up a bit overnight which can make for an interesting removal but it’s pretty easy to use your pelvic musles to push it down so don’t worry it won’t get lost in there!  I had no leaks at all during my cycle and the whole process was really easy.  I didn’t have to worry about taking pads with me or finding public toilets to change in which was fantastic.  I did use thinx underwear or cloth liners (both of which I’ll be reviewing soon) during this cycle as a back up just in case but neither were needed at all.  I also found it interesting to see just how much blood I really lose each month!  I will mention that the cup came with a rather long stem which I just trimmed at first but after a day it was rubbing and irritating me so I just cut the whole thing off which turned out fine as I hadn’t been using the stem to help remove it anyway.  When your period is over you just pop our cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes then pop it away in it’s bag until next time so it’s really easy to look after and if it’s looked after properly it should last years and years!

There are so many different brands and types of menstrual cup that there really is something for everyone including those with a low cervix and young teens plus with so many reviews of these things floating around youtube theres plenty of places to look to work out which cup might be the best fit for you.  A couple of my favourite youtubers who have fab reviews and a wide range of knowledge are:

Precious Stars Pads who’s quite young but extremely well versed about these things and also has a website selling reuseable menstrual products

Amy Nix who although she’s in America she has a wealth of information about reuseable menstrual products.

As you can tell I bloody love this product and I’ll never go back to disposable pads again, I’ve even told my nail lady about them and my husband now knows more about my period than he ever really needed to.  I’d encourage everyone to look into these as they’re so much better for the environment, your body and your purse!

See you next time, Em xXx

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