About Us


This blog is about a little bit of everything,  I’ve been a stay at home mum since I had my first child and only now do I feel as though I have the time to dedicate to doing something just for me.  Of course the something just for me is a blog that is about my  family life as well as our hobbies passions and indulgences!



This is me, a self confessed shopaholic, skincare junkie and crafter.  As well as a wife, a cook, a cleaner, an agony aunt, a problem solver, a referee and many other things!  Being a mum is only part of who I am and starting this blog is something I wanted to do to encourage me to explore my own interests more and not just everyone elses.


20150704_174818Then we have the husband, the bread winner, our little girl’s hero and the person to teach our boys how to be the amazing men they can be. He likes to think he’s in charge but we all know thats not how it really is!  He loves his computer games and a good book and escapes to paintball when he can get away with it!



Then theres the kid’s.  Our eldest is 12 and a typical stubborn first born.  He has an amazing personality (when we see him without his phone or kindle anyway!) and loves to play football, computer games, make things and eat us out of house and home! He also loves to cook and bakes the best scones I’ve ever tasted! He’s the clown of the family and always makes me smile with his cheeky way’s.

Our second born is 10 and if he’s not on his computer he can be found with his head stuck in a book at all hours, he’s headstrong and determined and too clever for his own good! He love’s doing jigsaws, solving maths problems and playing boardgames, he’s a bit of a lazy one and isn’t keen on sports but does enjoy our family walks when we manage to drag him out!  He’s such a thoughtful boy and often surprises us with things like breakfast in bed and a big hug.

Our third is 8 and she’s a whole different ball game, she has an attitude way beyond her years and is the laziest child I’ve ever met!  Even with her laziness she is a keen gymnast and loves long walks. She’s most likely to be found laying in her room listening to music and reading a book or playing on her kindle.

Child number four is 6 and an absolute whirlwind, she never sits still and like her big sister is a keen gymnast. She’s confident and very reminiscent of the girl who had a little curl from the old nursery rhyme! Although she can be a handful she’s also very sweet, she’s a fabulous little artist and loves to surprise us with pictures, notes and cards.

Our last child is 4 and she seems to be learning the family traits from her big brothers and sisters! She’s cofident, stubborn, happy and has enough energy to go for about a week before sleeping! Her favourite thing’s to do are play board games, play with her playdough or bake with mummy although she is following in her big brothers and sisters footsteps and likes to pinch her daddy’s ipad to play on!

Our children are so much fun and bring such a light into our lives, they’re completely exhausting and keeping up with them is next to impossible but watching them all grow and seeing how they develop is amazing.

The last member of our family is Pip, he’s only 6 months old but we feel like he’s been here forever.  He was a fantastic addition to the family and he fits right in with our crazy lot!