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Mummy guilt in all it’s glory…

Hi guy’s.  Today I’m having a bit of a low one.  The kid’s are bored and want to go out and do thing’s which isn’t unreasonable really but taking them out on my own at the minute is just impossible due to my anxiety.  I literally can’t leave the house alone and even.  The guilt… Continue reading Mummy guilt in all it’s glory…

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Weekend Round-up!

Hi guy’s, this weekend was a pretty good one!  On Friday morning my epic tea haul arrived from the bluebird tea company, you can read a previous review of their ridiculously good tea’s here.  At lunch time 2 of the kid’s went swimming with their grandma so we took the other 3 out for a meal which… Continue reading Weekend Round-up!

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At home spa day with my girls!

Hey guys, today we were a little bored and din[‘t know what to do with ourselves so we decided on a mini spa day. We started with a relaxing foot treatment using the lovely foot spa set my 6 year old got me (herself) for mothers day.  We soaked, scrubbed and moisturised and now have… Continue reading At home spa day with my girls!

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Movie Night Snacks – The recipe’s!

Hi guy’s, a couple of week’s ago we had a movie night/afternoon with the kids and they made some awesome snacks to have while they were watching.  A few friends have asked for the recipes since then so since I was typing them out anyway I decided just to pop them on here so here… Continue reading Movie Night Snacks – The recipe’s!

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Dealing with anger…an update

Hi guy’s, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have read my post about my eldest son dealing with some problems and if you’ve not then you can find it here.  He’s been having issue’s with bullying and anger among other things. Last month we took him to the Dr and he referred… Continue reading Dealing with anger…an update