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General life update!

Hey guy’s, I realised today that I haven’t updated about any of our families health issues lately so I thought I’d pop a quick one up today while I was having a cuppa (rhubarb and custard by the bluebird tea company if you’re interested)! In term’s of my depression and anxiety I was having problem’s… Continue reading General life update!

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Reminiscing: the breastfeeding days

Hi guy’s, I was browsing on facebook today and came across a friend’s post which reminded me of how hard our breastfeeding journey was.  From feeling a ridiculous amount of pressure to do it in the first place to being openly stared at and judged when IU was out and about.  Then of course there’s… Continue reading Reminiscing: the breastfeeding days

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Mummy guilt in all it’s glory…

Hi guy’s.  Today I’m having a bit of a low one.  The kid’s are bored and want to go out and do thing’s which isn’t unreasonable really but taking them out on my own at the minute is just impossible due to my anxiety.  I literally can’t leave the house alone and even.  The guilt… Continue reading Mummy guilt in all it’s glory…

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Dealing with anger…an update

Hi guy’s, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have read my post about my eldest son dealing with some problems and if you’ve not then you can find it here.  He’s been having issue’s with bullying and anger among other things. Last month we took him to the Dr and he referred… Continue reading Dealing with anger…an update